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General Information about the BFME Ladder

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# 1Earendil Jun 1 2015, 12:20 PM
Welcome to the new BFME Ladder!

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Introducing a new QuickMatch generator: It allows you to play and gather points for a new BFME ranked ladder (QuickMatch simulation).

This ladder is bridging the gap while the T3A:Online team works on implementing the ingame statistics and autoreports as quickly as possible. Thanks to T3A:Online for creating and hosting this great ladder.

How does it work?
Visit the WEBSITE and have a look around. We offer a 1vs1 and 2vs2 ladder.

Watch this introduction video:

Ladder introduction

Modes to play: 1vs1 and 2vs2

Everyone can participate. You simply need a Gamereplays or Revora account. One player generates the matchup using our QuickMatch Generator, and everyone will be able to see who is the host, what the teams look like and which map has been selected. Play the game according to the generated info. If you want to get ranked on the ladder, simply report the match afterwards! Games that get reported will be listed as "RANKED MATCH" on the website.

The Ladderadmin is [Guard]Orange
Deputy admin: [Guard]Echo
Deputy admin: [Guard]Pino
Junior admin: [Guard]Dune
Padawan: Anon
Padawan: RP0

Players start off with an ELO score of 1000 points. The installed ELO system is close to the old quickmatch ladder.

How to report matches
Until the automatic gamereports work on the T3A:Online server, the winner will have to manually post the replay so that the ladderadmin can verify your victory and adjust your ranking accordingly. Matches can be reported here on Gamereplays or on Revora. Please read the rules for participating. You find them below.

Map pool
The following maps are currently in the map pool (it's almost exactly the old QM map pool for 1vs1/2vs2):

1vs1 QM Maps
Eastern Rohan
Fords of Isen
Southern Ithilien
West Emnet

2vs2 QM Maps
Central Ithilien
Druadan Forest
East Emnet
Emyn Arnen
Emyn Muil
Gap of Rohan
Mount Doom
Mouths of Entwash

3vs3 QM Maps
Dead Marshes
Dimrill Dale
Near Harad
South Rhun

read if you wish to participate
  • There is no rule that you have to play the ladder matches on the T3A:Online server, but the ladder team appreciate it if you do. It greatly boosts the motivation to make the missing features work. After a recent server upgrade, T3A:Online works better than ever.
  • Games are organized amongst the players and then randomized by the QuickMatch Generator on the ladder page [LINK]. As soon as 2 or 4 players are found, they will decide on who is going to use the Generator. The players will then meet up and play their game according to the generated information.
  • The winner of a match has to upload the replay on Revora or Gamereplays [LINK]
  • When you want to play a ladder game please indicate it by using a clear hostname like "1vs1 BFME LADDER" or "2vs2 BFME LADDER". By joining such a room you agree playing a ladder match. Make sure to use the right names for the games.
  • 2 Nicknames per player is allowed. The players names must match their Revora or GameReplays account names unless the name is already taken. In that case it must be mentioned before entering the ladder or with the very first report. Games with false names will be void.
  • In addition to the first rule: If a 2vs2 player gets host but has a terrible connection, he can transfer the host to his team mate if he wishes.
  • Fairness: This system only works as long as the players don't cheat or abuse exploits. Cheaters will not be tolerated.
    If you know that it was you who had a disconnect, don't start an unnecessary debate about it. We can always find out the truth by checking the server logs. Please don't waste our time.
  • If there are cheats or anything to report please report them here on Gamereplays [LINK] or Revora
    When playing a ladder game, the nickname has to be exactly the same as the name you have posted at your first report/game. This way, referees and players can easily check whether you're part of the ladder or not.
  • Ladder replays are to be posted within 24 hours of playing the game. Otherwise games will be void.
  • A note regarding dodging: We don't allow dodging in general. That means you are not allowed to dodge a player permanently when he/she is asking for games and you always decide to play others. You should play at least one or two ladder games once in a while. This also means you are not forced to play every player when he is asking you for a laddergame of course.
    Birthday Rule: It's your birthday you automatically host all games.

Posting Concerns Regarding the Ladder
Your concerns should be posted here or sent over to the referees via Private Message. Right now,Earendil aka Orange is in charge of the ladder. Alternatively, you can contact Echo.

Useful links
The Ladder: http://ladder.t3aonline.net
Play BFME online: http://t3aonline.net
Youtube video explanation: Server and Ladder

Good Luck and Have Fun,
The Gamereplays Staff

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# 2Earendil Jan 9 2017, 15:13 PM
Rules Update:

1. When all players have agreed to draw a game they have to play the draw.

Players who refuse to play the draw (because of a bad team maybe) will get a penalty of 50 ELO-points.

2. The team which is offhost from the Qm-draw will choose their spots on crossroads first.

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