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Nod support tips for starters

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# 1ThePhilospher Feb 10 2010, 14:11 PM
Since there is nothing on this section I will start one. I will post a more comprehensive guide later as I get more experience playing Nod support.

1.VENOM then Cobra

A mistake most players new to Nod support make is to build cobras as your starting combat unit. The problem with this is that Cobra have no Anti-air attack as a cannon damage unit and only counters Hunters/Titans/Wolfs and are ineffective against talons. Any smart GDI offensive player will call for back up while spamming talons, a GDI defenive player will just laugh at your and spam turrents and zone defenders, worse yet you get matchup against a GDI support player whose hurricane/orcas you can't attack with cobras.

That's the reason I always start with Venoms unless I am matched up against a Wolf spamming GDI Offense, venoms can handle hurricanes/orcas with their rockets, they are a lot faster and more maneuverable than cobras. Build Marauders against mass infantry and watch those auto shotguns go to work, otherwise, save the cp for more venoms. Do however watch out for clumping, as rockets destory clumped venoms very fast.

2. Always build scalpels

Scalpels are great healers that can fly and repair all units/structures(engineers can only repair ground unit & structures), they come with an upgrade that give boost your unit's damage. Then only reason for you to build engineers is when you need them to harvest tiberium, but other players on your team should be working on that. Your should always build these units and also remember that the range boost upgrade increases the repair range of your scalpels like they do with engineers.

3. UnderMINE their efforts
For 20 support power points you get a support power than allows you to unburrow a minefield on any location of the map you/your allies have vision off. This is a very powerful support power in the right hands, use it to finish off/slow down fleeing offense/defense crawlers(lead it with about 2 times the length of the Crawlers), put it done on choke points and infront of incoming enemy strike force. You can also be creative and trap them on their way back when they retreat.

4. Engineers, meet POWER TOOLS!

Engineer spam is very hard to deal with, espically when they are accompanied by units and defenses. As a support player, you can bomb these engineers with your Vertigo bombers whose fire bomb will annihilate them en mass. But don't forget you also can use the Subterranean Strike support power to unburrow multiple powerful drills underneath these pesky engineers and take care of them easily.

5. Firing Spectrum Cannon!

Your best T3 unit is also the first one you unlock, Basiliskes are airborne Laser damage units that have a phenomenal range, use that to your advantage. Keep your distance and always hide behind a ally army while picking off enemy units from afar. What makes them lethal against most units is the Spectrum Beam upgrade, which allows their Laser weapons to bounce off the inital target and damage multiple targets, making them deadly against the loathed spanner spam and Mammoth/Masterdons. These(not Leviathan)are you counter to Kodiaks.


The Mark of Kane support power(50SP) might not sound very enticing when compared to Tiberium Vein Detonation(50SP), as the later demolish defeses and heavily damage Crawlers. But when casted on T3 units, espically Spectrum upgrade Basilliskes or your Allies' High Confessors, the Rate of Fire bonus provided instantly translate into massive Damage output and will be your GDI enemy's nightmare for days. Use it and Enjoy the Carnage.

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# 2Believe Feb 25 2010, 21:15 PM
Nice little guide.

As a new player to Command and Conquer in general, I actually used a few of these tips for my first 10 or so games with support smile.gif

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# 3Bardman Apr 12 2010, 14:00 PM
After trying out the different classes for nod, I am now most comfortable with support (I play offence for GDI). For support, I tend to just stick with venoms the whole game until I get to Tier 3, in which case I will go for Basilisks. As mentioned above, when you get the spectrum beam and/or you use the mark of kane the Basilisks nail crawlers.

The other unit I like if GDI has gone tier 3 with Mastodons and Mammoths, is the Tyrant which just cleans house.

I'm keen to hear what peoples preferred nod support units are and why.

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# 4TPPK Apr 28 2010, 17:34 PM
Tier I:
I prefer marauders for probably being the best tib grabber/ supportive unit ingame (tiberium shells increase damage on affected units by 25%)
accompanied by either scapel/venom or cobra spam depending on what is needed after I got some marauders up for tiberium runs

Tier II:
As a primary choice: if they have crawlers away from the battlefield I pick vertigo bombing
if they have a large amount of air units supporting ground troops I pick salamanders
else I stick to marauders/cobras/scapels

Tier III:
If they have a large amount if heavy units or have a large amount of packs I pick basilisk spam and stasis field the packers
If they have a large amounts of infantry I pick leviathans backed up with the stealth power

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# 5Doctor Müller Apr 28 2010, 18:09 PM
I particularly love a vast amount of stealth cobra's fully upgraded.
They travel fast and cloaked, the perfect ambush force against ground armies. ^^

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# 6Swolenator May 23 2010, 07:29 AM
I need some advice on nod support it is by far my worst class tier 1 and 2. I think maybe if I mixed some marauders into my attack force it may help. But I find my venoms get annihilated like they arn't even there by hurricanes and wolfs. I find the majority of the time I end up meeting a mix of hurricanes and orcas and my venoms cobras get wiped out without much of a fight. I don't really use marauders a lot I usually send 1 or 2 to blue tib and use them to fight infantry/bulldogs strikers and other light ground units. Heh the one game i actually had a full cp of marauders running around just chasing down zone raiders as they kept running after teammate crawlers. But I assume if i had one or two of these they would help my venoms beat hurricanes? A typical start I pump out 1 or 2 marauders and send them to the blue tib drop zones then build 3 or 4 venoms and 1 or 2 cobras if I know going against support i pump out 5 venoms no cobra but still get whipped out I think typically all venoms die to like 2 hurricanes and don't kill 1. What do you suggest 4 venoms and 1 marauder? Also you speak of spreading venoms apart any suggestions on how to do so I hit f for scatter but that seems rather pointless as they all just regroup together when told to attack same unit. I rarely use the tyrant I guess it would be good against hammerheads which are common but better off with basilisks vs rest. Btw does the tyrants rate of fire enhance feature work on air units and leviathans armor up apply to air? I never bothered to notice. Vertigos I also barely use maybe vs defense if have cloak. I also rarely use salamanders and get 2 venoms instead if you have any advice on how to use them most the time i see them barely able to do anything and only really see them used spammed. The hijacker I don't use a lot unless i see no anti infantry around but I read on here these forums a good idea in cloaking them so they can get in close. Btw is there an easier way to do data worm other than doing each one by one? Speaking of the cloaking support power any suggestions on use of it and benefits of all the support powers. I normally use eyes, i usually only use demoralize to slow escaping units, the mines i usually drop in front of a crawler if i can, i've never used emp counter although there has been times I could of used it as nod defense, I use obelisk of life sometimes and in dire circumstances i make a couple to save crawler, firestorm i have used many times by accident thinking it was the mines not paying attention lol but have no idea how it could be useful, I rarely unburrow a hijacker as well but saw it's not bad at taking out tib carriers and I didn't realize it can attack right away I generally use sub strike, vein detonation, and mark of kane. Also any advice on how to use decoy army whenever I have tried it it give me like 3 or 4 decoys do you click the units you want to be decoys during the 1 and 2 or how does that work?

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# 7nooby+1 Jun 22 2010, 00:10 AM
Tier II: Tyrant is also very good choice too. Believe it or not after testing Tyrant can increase the rate of fire by about 25% , and going around hunting crawler is pretty fun too. I kill a lot cralwer just behide the front line. Many people tende to focus micro and fighting and not see your Tyrant are coming. With Mark of Kane I kill 3 crawler in one engagement once, but they are too busy fighting didn't pay much attention to the Tyrant .

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# 8Hyrricane Jun 22 2010, 18:41 PM
QUOTE(nooby+1 @ Jun 22 2010, 01:10 AM) *

Tier II: Tyrant

Tyrants just > Crawlers, if used for ambushes, i love them. biggrin.gif

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# 9Tony_A179 Aug 18 2010, 22:32 PM
QUOTE(Believe @ Feb 25 2010, 16:15 PM) *

Nice little guide.

As a new player to Command and Conquer in general, I actually used a few of these tips for my first 10 or so games with support smile.gif

Me too.

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# 10quincunx Feb 18 2011, 12:33 PM
I have just got interested in Support-class after playing many many many games as offence and I don't know why I haven't played as nod support earlier. Units are fast. In my opinion nod support has advantage against gdi offence and support on tier1. This guide helped. Thanks^^. Basilisks + mark of kane= instant kill of everything smile.gif

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# 11Comp_Lex Feb 18 2011, 15:34 PM
No, Nod Support is probably the weakest early-game class in the game. Their only viable T1 strategy is Venom Spam. Marauders are shitty vs Hunters, Sheppards and Orcas. And Cobras can only hit ground units, so a few Ocras take care of them.

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# 12quincunx Feb 19 2011, 06:59 AM
QUOTE(Comp_Lex @ Feb 18 2011, 17:34 PM) *

No, Nod Support is probably the weakest early-game class in the game. Their only viable T1 strategy is Venom Spam. Marauders are shitty vs Hunters, Sheppards and Orcas. And Cobras can only hit ground units, so a few Ocras take care of them.

Ok, good to know, I am bit noob with support tongue.gif

Yeah Marauders are like paper against Hunters, but mostly I use only one or two of them to capture nodes or to get tib.

On tier 1 I usually use lot of Cobras to support other Nod players attacks against offence/support/defence, because of the reason you said about Orcas. I'm not attacking alone, because I know Cobra spamming is bit risky business.

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