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Battle for Middle Earth

Long time no see

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# 1Azamon May 11 2011, 14:17 PM
Hi fellas,

its been a while since I checked the elder clan pages, are their still active members? I see some posts but not so much. Anyhow, I only play Starcraft 2 on the european servers so not much for me to find here gamingwise. Still I would like to know how yall are doing? Any new fathers around? Apoc, you maybe? tongue.gif, Amort will be a happy dad of his daughter, who now will be a year at least am I right? Tom will still be a happy hunter stuck in the jungle I persume..

cheers everyone,


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# 2Amort May 15 2011, 23:16 PM
Hi Azamon, nice to see you still around, im still a happy father of my magnific
2 years old daughter, she run everywhere and touch everythings, its the best
experience i had met till im born myself lol!

my free times is less than before but im still playing some supreme commander 2
games on evening, im looking for another rts soon, maybe starcraft2 but im cheap
and will wait a lower price than 60$ in Canadian funds, i have some money to invest in
my house for some change and life cost so much today.

So bad that NA zone can't play Europe Zone at this game, maybe im wrong...
Tell me if i am.

Im still going around here to see wich games peoples play,
im spying on you all. tongue.gif

Cyao Dude! , we had some great times gaming in the past, i hope it will happen

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# 3Adamskidrummer May 16 2011, 11:56 AM
Hey good to see life is going well for you happy fathers. I haven't gamed in months and not online for a long while. I cannot wait till Elder Scrolls and ME come out later in the year.

I have started up my own business which is slow to begin but I have started finding clients and such so its a steady start. Will be a good few months before it is bringing in enough money to pay the bills but it has all been budgeted for so its all good.

Gaming took a backseat as I found lots of great series I had missed such as Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and such so had to catch up wink.gif Also the last couple of series of The Ultimate Fighter are fun to watch... They are ultimately edited to suit teenage boys but I find it so interesting to see the fighters outside of the octagon.

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# 4lelderlBOMBADIL Aug 3 2011, 02:33 AM
Hi all I have been very busy. Work has been crazy and could see a promotion coming up. Kids are busyer then ever, 7,6 and 2 year old. I am also chairing a council at my Church which takes up a fair amount of time. I don't have alot of time to game right now. I may see a bit more as we approach winter.


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