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What is the most valuable character to a team?

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# 1gamernoob Aug 21 2018, 01:08 AM
Originally appeared on What If? HQ

There is no MVP in Overwatch.  Every Character is valuable, if used correctly.  It also depends on the team.  If you already have lots of tanks, you don't need another Reinhardt.  If you are all attack, you need some support and tanks.  The best structured team is most likely to win.

Here are the best character (in my opinion) from each category:


This one is obvious:  Reinhardt 

With his shield on, Reinhardt can easily tank the most damage in the game.  Plus, his hammer swing attack is extremely powerful for driving opponents back.  With that being said, most of his attacks are short ranged and without attack troops, Reinhardt is easily killed and next to useless.


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# 2JohnMcCullers Sep 4 2018, 16:15 PM
I would go for support!

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# 3RRcabal Sep 5 2018, 14:45 PM
All heros are valuable on a team, it all depends on how the team plays, and what play style your team wants to play, like for me, I went from a D.va main to a support main, and DPS for 11 season in Overwatch, and I have found out that in order to identify the most Valuable a hero is, it all depends on how you play him/her, for example a carry hero like Genji is good for players that know how to play him, and for myself as a D.va main, its easy to carry.

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