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I've had it. PE is the doormat of CoH

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# 1jdlev May 24 2017, 02:38 AM
I'm a glutton for punishment...which is why I only play as PE.

They're supposed to be all about speed. Yet the capture slow as crap. Any type of perk costs an upgrade. More men..upgrade...more capturing speed...upgrade...you want a squad to level up before the end of your 3rd game...upgrade. Vs. pios in cover...straight up...they get beat. Unless your in green cover vs a rifle squad...say your last rights. 'Armored car'...I've seen hot wheels with more armor. You for mp44s...your stuck w/ marauder which is slow as ****. If you don't have at least 2, they're worthless. Watching the m8s/greyhounds do circles around them and pepper them to oblivion is so much fun. Shreks? Unless you go tank and wait until the end of the ****in game so you can get 2 per squad...worthless...gotta love seein' watching the M8s take 20 of those **** shells and then drive off into the sunset after wasting 3 squads. Gunner killed...engine damaged...engine destroyed...all with a smidgeon of health left :rolleyes.gif: Forget any type of shreks vs brits. The cromwells shred them in 2 shots, can take 6-7 shrek shells, and then zip away like the 5-6 shells that actually found there mark didn't do jack for damage. And then there's the canister shot from the little tank the brits roll out in the first five minutes. Buh bye 2-3 squads in one shot....

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