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# 1Oblitus Feb 22 2019, 13:47 PM
The first lesson is that although in truth, the Forgotten are obviously inferior to the three powers in regards of military and civil technology, they have the ability to win battles as any other faction, if properly and intelligently used. It is an illusion and a mistake to underestimate Forgotten units because they are very good in combat and can give you victory if you know how to use them. The idea is that if you fail to win with them, it is not their fault. smile.gif

The second aspect is that the Forgotten army is not a professional one, with no advanced specializations like those of its enemies, and, as a result, all the battles against the powers will be bloody. So expect heavy casualties from your side when battling them. For some Nod Commanders, experienced in the use of tactics that include militant units, this is nothing new, but other strategists (including myself) who prefer more effectiveness and less casualties and more surgical strikes with aircraft and artillery, have to adapt and change their tactics and their whole operational and tactical perspectives.
In order to win battles with them, you, as a commander, have to break from your previous military principles and use them as they are, be like them. The Forgotten are warriors not hired professionals so you have to be a warrior commander and think like a warrior, and have courage and audacity. The Forgotten are brave and resilient and so you have to be brave and resilient. They are very adaptable and you have to adapt and use their full potential for victory. And they are a changed people, mutated and physically stronger, they have adapted and they can easily sacrifice themselves for the survival of their kind because they have nothing to lose. So use them as if you have nothing to lose.

The units of the Forgotten have some weaknesses compared to the units of the powers, but they also have some strengths that can be used to your advantage.
The Marauders have endurance, can take down aircraft and infantry, and can hide and heal in tiberium fields. Those abilities make them one of the best infantry units in the game.Ideal for ambushes, they can be also used as a hidden forward defense, that can deter enemy air attacks and rushes and are very effective against Scrin because the aliens have only the gun walkers unit to properly handle the marauders.
The Mortar Soldiers have the longest range of the Forgotten units and because of this, they are a must have in any battle. Their use is basically as artillery support, very important in offensives and ambushes.
The Tick Tanks can be used as a mobile forward line of defense, you can advance slowly with a defensive line and hold a choke-point on the map or defend your base. Don't forget to upgrade them with tiberium shells and better defences.
The Slicer is the most unappreciated unit of the Forgotten arsenal. Their support in Marauders led ambushes and Tick Tanks led mobile defenses is crucial. With their anti-tank and anti-air prowess you can annihilate formidable enemy units.
The Longhorn is the emblematic unit of the Forgotten. It can accommodate 4 infantry units with whom you can make a force capable in anti personnel, anti-tank, anti-air, artillery and bunker warfare. Use it to spearhead all your operational initiatives, and their success is guaranteed. Even if you have been caught into an ambush or you have moved your army to a bad position that you can't hold, the Longhorns will either reinforce you or they can hold the enemy until you successfully pull back and save your forces.
The Sidewinder is the most effective unit of the Forgotten. You can use their firepower, their speed and their gas attack to paralyze your opponent's forces and military infrastructure. They are best used in groups from 2 to 4, teamed up with Ctrl 1-9, in order to provide a constant wave of aerial attack. If the enemy base has formidable anti-air defenses do not sacrifice them needlessly but as soon as you find a gap or other opportunity you can pin down your enemy with audacious well-coordinated, fast, and constant strikes.
The Logistics Blimp is a weaponless air unit, but I included it here because it has the ability to give you distance tactical views and should not miss from your defensive or offensive operations in a battle, just like the Longhorns, although not in great numbers like other units, one or two Blimps are enough.

I hope I have been helpful and I gave you many tips about a better understating and leading the Forgotten in battle. In the end, the most important lesson is that any battle and any opponent is different and can surprise your plans but the great commanders are the ones who can quickly adapt even to new conditions and emerge victorious.
So go on and lead your Forgotten brethren against those arrogant commanders of the advanced great powers. Undermine their confidence and their power with repeated ground shaking attacks of Sidewinders and strike fear in their eyes and minds with the formidable sight of the mighty Longhorns full of Mutants, guided by Blimps and backed by Slicers, marching to war.

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