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Using your American Strategy section & Ask the Strategy Specialists

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# 1FireflyDivision May 28 2011, 19:55 PM

The Staff

Senior Strategy Specialists

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Role: Managing the Strategy Section. You can contact them for various reasons, including: you want to be part of the team, you have a problem with a Strategy Specialist, you have a brilliant idea regarding the Strategy Section, you want to write a guide or an article and want to put it on the portal, etc.

US Dedicated Strategy Specialists

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Role: Writing awesome guides and helping members in the Strategy Section, including giving wise tips and explanations, but also moderating if needed.

- piwawsky

US Dedicated Replay Reviewer

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Role: Giving wise and useful tips based on your replays.

The Pinned Threads

Using your American Strategy Section & Ask the Strategy Specialists

The thread you are reading at the moment. Contains useful informations regarding the American Strategy Section, including the dedicated Staff, explaining the pinned threads and how to post here in general.

Request a Replay Review for anyone to Review

Thread to link a replay posted on the Replay Rection, in order to receive a review, from a Replay Reviewer or any other member of the community.

The Great US Replay Thread

Allow everyone, including Strategy Specialists, to share interesting replays with the community. This is not used to ask a review, but used to show proper execution of strategy or tips.

American Strategy Guide Index

Last, but not least, this one contains a link to every useful ressource regarding American army. This includes guides, articles, Tips of the Week, FAQ, and a lot of other very interesting informations. It should be the first thing you read when you want to learn something.

Usual Threads

For anything else, simply create a thread with an informative title and try to include a replay or a thorough description, this will help us help you.

Bad title: HELP!
Good title: Pumas always own my Rifles!

Finally, if you have any question to ask speficicaly to Strategy Specialists, please use this thread, and post your questions below.

This thread is not for dealing with complex strategies or replay reviewing (make your own thread for these), but rather for specific situations and what to do in them.

Good questions:
What's better against vetted gren spam: calliopes or howitzers?
Against PE, should I get a quad or m8 first?

Bad question:
What is flanking?

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# 2insanoflex312 Dec 24 2012, 10:43 AM
I'm going to be the first to post a question, since I can find no replays: How do I fight heavy wehr t1, specifically 3 volks, an mg and a sniper? How do I tech to fight this? M8? BARs? Sniper/mortar?

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# 3piwawsky Dec 24 2012, 14:59 PM
I'm no strat specialist but I'd say fast m8 is still the safe bet...when I see extended T1 (5 or more) I know his T2 will be delayed and M8 will have more time to do its job. Beware of "obvious" mine spots and triple fausts, other than that, your m8 can harass pretty safely.

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