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# 1Incia Jul 12 2020, 14:33 PM
Originally posted on Steam Forums:

Medics are useful.

"I tend to get one medic for in between wave patch up for my infantry in campaign. Once in a while, a damn Yak would come strafe my rocket soldiers and they would blast it down but eat an MG burst while they are at it. A medic would save you 1500 credits every 2 strafing runs for the one off cost of 500. Worth it."

^^ Dude don't even know Medics cost 800 and not 500. Steam forum in a nutshell.


APC + Engy counters in Tiberian Dawn:

"Build 1 Dog to fend off APC + Engy rush."

(You can't even build dog sin TD btw)


This just in: GAP Generator is one of the best structures in FFA. Only pros know how to use them.


Artillery is a useful unit according to Steam forum.

"I build a line of turrets in a single gun battery to guard a narrow bridge entrance (Island Wars, Island Hoppers for example) with an artillery behind each turret and some sandbags in front. They decimate tanks and infantry very quickly."

^^ sandbags and artillery and turret spam useful in Red Alert multiplayer.

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