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D3d8to9 + Gentool 7.9 = soft crash when starting 4-player skirmish

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# 1mrtnptrs! Dec 2 2019, 08:14 AM
This happens only when you use the d3d8to9-wrapper as a proxy-DLL AND Gentool 7.9. Without Gentool this doesn't seem to happen and the wrapper seems to function normally. Thus something Gentool does when loading a skirmish game causes a soft crash in the d3d8to9 wrapper. By the way: I tested with the latest release-version of the wrapper. I also compiled the latest commit to the master-branch of the wrapper and tried it, but this caused the terrain not to render; buildings were there (although glitchy), but the rest was black. I would very much like to use this wrapper as it seems to fix the second-time-alt-tab-crash-issue I reported: https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...howtopic=999775 (with an account of which I forgot the username, oops)

What happens: start a 4-player skirmish (with just CPU-partners) and as soon as you start the match it gets stuck on the loading screen with the music still playing or it gets just past the loading screen, but then freezes also with the music on. So, a soft crash occurs at loading the skirmish match; seems to happen most when trying 4-player-matches and especially when one of the CPU-partners is GLA.

Xezon, can you reproduce this? If not, I could do more research to get better reproduction-steps for you?

It is by the way awesome that you are still updating Gentool once in a while to fix stuff and add extra awesome maps! smile.gif

Edit: I also encountered this bug with Gentool 7.8, so it is not a regression in the 7.9 update specifically.

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