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BARs/Airborne Anti-PE Strategy

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# 1remosu37 Apr 8 2018, 07:29 AM
I've been posting these replays on the general Member's Replays thread, but figured I'd post it to the Strategy Forum (though it seems to mostly be dead).

As a guy who's major weakness is vehicle micro, the traditional "fast T3" M8s + ATG strat really did not play to my strengths. I had a major disparity in my win/loss record where I was evenly matched with many wehr players ranked int he #100 - 200 range, but I was regularly losing to PE players at level 4 (ranked #400+ PE) or even lower.

Here's a BO's that's been working for me even vs. Top 100 PE players (attached are various matches between PE players ranked between 80 - 150 or so).

The BO:
2 engie start
Engie (Flamer)
Airborne (RRs)
Level 1 SD
Cap fuel (if possible)
Tank Depot
Sherman/M10 (depending on circumstances)

CP Purchase order:
2 - Airborne Squads
1 - Recon Flight
2 - Strafe
2 - ATG Drop
2 - Supply Drop
3 - Bombing Run

I have to play conservatively with the Sherman as ATHT's detracking is pretty deadly, but BARs + flamers gives me early survival power, good cap/harass power, and forces the PE player to cluster PGs. Plus, Strafe is pretty deadly vs. PGs clusters.

My late game plan:muni drop + strafe spam + ATGs/Paras/Shermans for AT.

SD is a good way to boost CP points to get to 2 in a light combat game--if I'm floating MP and I've already got BARs on the field, I'll frequently build SD--which upon completion usually will get me enough CP points to drop my first AB squad. If even that's not a enough dropping a few mines here and there will get me over the edge (if I'm truly hurting for points, I'll build a OP on whatever resource I particularly need). AB squad is very important if you're facing anything but a PG spam strat (if you see 4-member PG squads, AB can be less of a priority).

The timing of Triage Center is situational. I'll build it earlier if I have units with a lot of low-health units, I'll leave it for later if I can.

Against IHT strats, I go early stickies (usually right before BARs), as stickies can be particularly effective vs. IHTs. Paired with BARs and some flamers, you can really wreck lone IHTs, even supported by a few PG squads.

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# 2TrueLancer Apr 22 2018, 17:21 PM
Going for that early strafe is almost a waste because it's hard to pile up enough ammo without Supply Drops.

Recoiless Rifles are a strafe unto themselves, while BAR suppression, mines, and flamers can all eat up a whole strafe, too. In contrast, getting that drop two points earlier lets you stockpile a few more 100 ammo drops.

I HAVE gone for a super-fast strafe, but only if I'm confident I'll get a maximum effectiveness strafe. Most PGs are smart enough not to run up and down the road in a straight bunched up line, so it's usually better to stockpile that ammo and use less optimal strafes to win small battles than hope for that "ALL IN AUTO WIN" strafe that wipes three squads standing in the open.

Same with the stickies. Stickies can mess up a Halftrack... but in reality, the only time a PE players should be losing a halftrack when halftracks are ruling the field is if they fall asleep and let rifles walk up to them without driving away. (Or, when the stupid pathfinding makes a haltrack do a six point turn before spinning around and backing away; I suspect it has to do with its weird hitbox being a different shape or in an unusual location compared to its long body).

Both of these little individual parts rely on the enemy making a big mistake to capitalize on, rather than winning small victories.

Overall, the rest is fine.

As a way to support that M8 rush strat, a lot of people do make the M8 the focus of the strat, microing the M8 and using it as the lynchpin in battles. But if you prefer using your infantry, you can instead push with them and only bring up the M8 to support your infantry rather than vice-versa. Don't push the M8 all the way forward with lots of infantry screening, but just have it rove around midfield where there are breaks or to support losing battles.

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# 3remosu37 Apr 25 2018, 10:47 AM
Strafe is insurance against a detracked Sherman getting owned by shrek-grenadiers supported by Gren blob.

One of the most precarious moments for this strat is when your first Sherman hits the field. You NEED to keep it alive, but also need it to, ya know, DO stuff, since generally with a few ACs and MHTs patrolling the field, you're often in a fairly tough defensive sitaution by the time the Sherman comes out.

Nothing sucks more than getting your Sherman immediately detracked, them bumrushed by a huge PG cluster that drives off your engies while the Shrek Gren destroys your Sherman.

I find that it's not taht hard to float 150 Munis to time with the Sherman--other than the RRs for Paras, there's not THAT much muni pressure for US in this strategy--you aren't pumping out M8s that require 50 - 100 munis a piece for armor/guns. Mines are discretionary, as are flamers/minesweepers.

I like to have the strafe in my back pocket, just to make sure ATHT can't just immediately wreck me.

As for stickies, they are a cheap investment that goes a long way towards making your rifles relevant vs. pretty much any PE start except PG spam. The very threat of stickies can cause your opponent to have to move their vehicles in defensive ways, limiting their movements. I can't think of a signle game in which I regeretted getting Stickies.

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