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Posted by: _Seneca_ Sep 18 2016, 07:59 AM


Found this script from way back here:

Got it working almost flawlessly, now I need assistance to finalize the set up.

I have a problem with coh map rotate function (pressing alt), messing the scripts way of scrolling around the map.
Script has alt + wasd to scroll, and I would like to disable the alt from rotating the map.
The original programmer of the script explained what needs to be done followingly:

" If you find you don't like the map to rotate/angle at the same time your map scrolling since your holding down alt, remove the ~ infront of the camera movement keys. The ~ allows the key to still be seen by your front program, otherwise the key is blocked when you enter in the hotkey. "

Went through the script(found in the link above); but couldnt find anything of the sort.

Please help me out guys ^^

Posted by: mischke Apr 7 2017, 08:32 AM

Hi _Seneca_,

Here's a AHK script where Alt + wasd works well.
Extract and double click 'CoH 1 AHK wasd.ahk'.


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Posted by: _Seneca_ Aug 25 2017, 06:44 AM

QUOTE(mischke @ Apr 7 2017, 08:32 AM) *

Hi _Seneca_,

Here's a AHK script where Alt + wasd works well.
Extract and double click 'CoH 1 AHK wasd.ahk'.


Hey mischke
Thank you for the reply!
Tried using your script but it won\t work for me. Would you mind specifying what you changed in the script to get alt + wasd to work for navigation?
I can do the modifying myself, just don\t currently understand what I should change.

Posted by: mischke Aug 25 2017, 07:18 AM

Hey mate,

Seems I didn't test in combination with the mouse, whoops!

How about Ctrl instead of Alt? It works!


Ctrl + Wasd

Otherwise if you're keen on Alt, it'd look like this and you'll have to change the default CoH Alt hotkey binding to a different key.
Alt + Wasd

Refer to the download for how to Edit FlakGrid key bindings (hopefully Alt is in there).

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