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Need help setting up a specific gridkey

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# 1_Seneca_ Sep 18 2016, 07:59 AM

Found this script from way back here:

Got it working almost flawlessly, now I need assistance to finalize the set up.

I have a problem with coh map rotate function (pressing alt), messing the scripts way of scrolling around the map.
Script has alt + wasd to scroll, and I would like to disable the alt from rotating the map.
The original programmer of the script explained what needs to be done followingly:

" If you find you don't like the map to rotate/angle at the same time your map scrolling since your holding down alt, remove the ~ infront of the camera movement keys. The ~ allows the key to still be seen by your front program, otherwise the key is blocked when you enter in the hotkey. "

Went through the script(found in the link above); but couldnt find anything of the sort.

Please help me out guys ^^

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# 2mischke Aug 25 2017, 07:18 AM
Hey mate,

Seems I didn't test in combination with the mouse, whoops!

How about Ctrl instead of Alt? It works!

Ctrl + Wasd

Otherwise if you're keen on Alt, it'd look like this and you'll have to change the default CoH Alt hotkey binding to a different key.
Alt + Wasd

Refer to the FlakGrid.zip download for how to Edit FlakGrid key bindings (hopefully Alt is in there).

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