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Overwatch in Heroes of the Storm

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# 1phantom9399 May 10 2016, 12:08 PM
Greetings Heroes and Heroines.

Recently Blizzard has added a new video to their YouTube page as well as their Heroes of the Storm page showing of several new characters being added to the game. One of these characters is our favorite hero Tracer. You can see her exploring this strange new world in the video below.


Blink: One of Tracer's abilities is her Blink which allows her to dash toward an area. This ability stores 3 charges and has a 6 second cool down.

Melee: Her second ability is Melee which Deals 557 (265 + 4% per level) damage to an enemy. This ability focuses heroes over minions and has an 8 second cooldown. This ability will also increase the charge on your pulse bomb.

Recall: Next up is Recall which allows you to jump back to the position you were in 3 seconds ago. This ability refills your ammo and removes all negative status effect. It has a 24 second cooldown.

Pulse Bomb: Her last ability is the Pusle Bomb. This ability allows you to fire a short range bomb that can stick to enemy units if you hit them. The bomb explodes after 1.5 seconds dealing 1226 (444 + 5.5% per level) damage to the hero stuck by the bomb and 613 (222 + 5.5% per level) damage to other nearby enemies.

Tell us what you think about the Overwatch Heroes being added to Heroes of the Storm.

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