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Supreme Commander 2

Format for posting videos in this section!

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# 1BillGates91 Mar 22 2010, 17:47 PM
Hello, and thanks for being interested in sharing your casts of Supreme Commander 2! In an effort to keep this forum organized, please follow these basic, but crucial steps:

In the Topic Title section of posting a new video, the following must be present.

#(#)[EVENT NAME]NAME(Faction) vs NAME(Faction)-Date

An example of this in action would be:

#1[Tournament III]Coldplay(Aeon) vs BillGates(UEF)-3/22/10

Some key things to remember!
  • (#1) = This is used for archival purposes, but use the number of the thread before yours! Example, the poster before you used number 11, so your number would be 12.
  • [EVENT NAME] = Something to show where your cast took place, in public, in a tourney, etc. Basic and standard event names can be [Public Game], [Replay Review], [Tournament III], [Live Cast].
A picture example of a normal casted game would be :

Attached Image

A picture example of a casted game with more then one replay would be :

Attached Image

If you have any questions just give BillGates91 a PM!

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