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Kanes Wrath

zaneki - DC - Valid

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# 1Technique Sep 14 2018, 12:40 PM

14 Sep 18 13:27:23 7:20s ranked 1v1 Tournament Rift DC BH Tank 374c5375a5dc

Pulls the plug right before i kill his last building (pretty sure it's a habit of his).

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zaneki 1
Tank* 2

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# 2Police/AK Oct 7 2018, 07:50 AM
Hi and thank you for reporting
you where both a black hand faction

it show clearly that he lost conn at the end, maybe on purpose maybe not, maybe when he lost he just shutdown his pc and went off causing him to lose conn,

Disconnect Valid! and thank you for reporting again.

this replay was on September and the ladder was already reset for that month, so i will just give him a warning and will keep an eye on him.

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