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Posted by: JustPlainSavage Oct 26 2017, 22:21 PM

About Me

Hello my name is JustPlainSavage! The new game Forge Battalions (FOBA) is coming out and I think I'm going to retire 8-Bit when it does. So I decided to host one final tournament for the title of the BEST 8-BIT PLAYER OF ALL TIME! Tournament will be on November 18, 2017 at 2:10 pm Eastern Time Zone

How to JOIN

You can register here -
Add me (JustPlainSavage) on steam so I can inform you about any question that you have -
P.S Anyone can join no matter the skill level. But I warn you, GOOD players will be in this!

Where to Watch?

The games will so far be hosted here -
Will be awkward since I'm in the tournament as well. So what I will do is stream my game live with no mic audio, but still music for the lovely viewers! More links will be uploaded if others decide to stream their gameplay or cast!


Depending on how many players we have will depend on the sets of games.
But the first map of every game will be Venusian Wilds, loser picks the next map.

Map Pool

First map of every game will be Venusian Wilds. The loser can pick one of these maps.
Alien Atoll / Galactic Groto / River Town / Rivendale / Ship Yards / Venusian Wilds / Circular Logic / Arctic Assault / Octagon
With the addition of 2 community maps ; Arabia and Mountain X (optional)


A whopping $40 STEAM GIFT CARD (Will come with 2 codes of $20).

Last Words

Unlike the last tournament, THIS ISN'T FOR FUN! This is to see who the hell is the best player! Bump all that glhf shit! Kill them all!!!!!

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