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Posted by: TheDopple Mar 22 2013, 16:30 PM

What's better and what do people use more? Schwimm or Kettenkrad?

Personally I tend to use the Schwimm, only because of the mine-drop and track ability. Despite what people seem to assume, the track ability can completely turn the tide of an engagement for a meager 15 munitions.

The mine-drop ability is also a complete and utter pain in the ass for any allied player late game. The speed at which mines can be dropped from the Schwimm is just evil.

Anyway, back to my original question. Ket or Schwimm?

Posted by: TinGod Mar 22 2013, 17:21 PM

Ketten for me. Being able to spam Kettens for repairs when you go Tank Destroyers is very useful, whilst cloak is incredible. I do not really know how I would cope without cloak (when I go other doctrines I miss it badly).

In addition I have always felt the Ketten is harder to kill, although I will admit that is probably just a feeling.

Posted by: Funky Ducky Mar 22 2013, 17:30 PM

I personally use the kettenkrad. I like the abilities it gets from the tree. The thing about the wagon is though, an exp. player can tell what doc you went by the outfit on the back of the kettenkrad. The schwimmwagen isn't a bad choice though.

Posted by: lifelike Mar 27 2013, 14:07 PM

Don't forget the schwim swims real good! It has great capping superiority on flodded places.

And both the inc/regular mine are great suprise for your opponents, what it leaves behind.

Posted by: jBrereton Mar 27 2013, 20:42 PM

If you like going SE, go for a Schwimm, because their incendiary traps are completely savage when combined with your infantry's booby traps. The Ketten booby trap is pretty much the worst thing, so leave that aside (incidentally, 'booby trap' backwards is 'party boob').

If you like going TH and don't like T1, go for a Schwimm for the mine (an excellent way to kill Bren Carriers and Jeeps who don't expect it). If you don't mind going T1, probably stick to the Ket and spare your PGrens some wrench time.

Luft, the choice is kinda clear. The cloak is very, very effective. Mark Target's fine, but now that it costs as much munitions as throwing an incendiary grenade it's not really so good (making your opponent leave cover is typically a 100% damage increase, if briefly, as troops go from light cover to no cover, from heavy to none it's actually a 300% damage increase, so use those nades, people).

Posted by: TrueLancer Mar 28 2013, 16:29 PM

QUOTE(TinGod @ Mar 22 2013, 17:21 PM) *

In addition I have always felt the Ketten is harder to kill, although I will admit that is probably just a feeling.
I'll agree to that. It feels the Kets are just a little bit better. Also, maybe I do more with Schims, but they seem to cap slower, although I think that's because they have to do more stuff.

Posted by: TrueLancer Mar 28 2013, 16:31 PM

Mine-drop is ridiculously awesome. Cap a +10 point and you can drop two mines early on. Going three kets to PG to anything else is strong if you really push the map, especially against Brits, since you can kill or stop the first Bren Carrier and freely run around, capping the map. If they move their truck, just put some mines right next to it. They tend to miss the drop and you can kill a squad or a Lt. for free.

Posted by: blahblahblah3000 Apr 3 2013, 05:12 AM

I don't have a preference myself. It really depends on what I feel like using, for me. It also depends on the map. I never really use Mark Target (I think its called) or cloak on either, and I pretty much only use Luft Tactics. But if I had to choose, I'd go the Schwimm, just because the Ket looks ugly and awkward. Plus, when I use Scorched Earth, the Incendiary mine is just heaps better; if you put it on a flag it doesn't say "Booby Trap Triggered", so a noob may not notice. Also, the incendiary mine is a mine rather than a booby trap, so you can spam them everywhere on the map.

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