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How to counter Gren spam ?

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# 1bartyjb Jun 4 2018, 20:01 PM
Hello mates,

So i've been playing Brits for a year now, got use to almost every tactic PE/Wehrmacht can throw.

And i've played a lot of games against my cousin, beaten him most of the times, then he came up with pio spam, what i have
overcame, but now he learned about Gren spam, and i did not played against until now. So he goes 5pio then T2 and he spams Grens, then adds shrecks.
I tried various thing like cutoff points, Churchills, arty but he always gets the edge and wins.

So is there any common or special counter to this abuse ?

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# 2miegorengwithprawns Jun 18 2018, 10:32 AM
QUOTE(bartyjb @ Jun 5 2018, 06:01 AM) *

So is there any common or special counter to this abuse ?

Are you are talking a 1v1 standard resources game per online 1v1?

If so;

Five Pios, -> T2 then shrecked Grens isn't abuse vs Brits. It's just one strat, and it isn't so easy as you make it sound.

He's found your vulnerability. Sounds like you are a defensive player who builds emplacements? Brits opening strength is their BS powerful infantry and resourcing model.

Pio squads are just 2 men, and extremely fragile until Vet 2.

To stop this strat, immediately the game starts, hunt them down one by one actively with your Recon squad and pursue them aggressively. Kill his Pios! That's your immediate tactical purpose. That contains his resourcing and strat.

As you're doing this with your initial Recon squad, you should be producing a Bren carrier if that's his opening play. It's A. mobile, and B. a Pio killer. Then produce a second squad to cap and move the bus if desired. As soon as you can Recon it too for fast independent move and powerful in opening snipe. Use both squads and Bren Carrier to hunt down and slaughter his Pios all over the map.

By the time he recovers and alters strat, his game is over unless you hand it to him.


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