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Posted by: Yellow2Bellow Oct 1 2007, 10:18 AM

1. What do I need to do?

If you want to become a RR all you need to do is pick a replay that’s been posted in the replay section and that hasn’t been reviewed yet. Post and say that you will make an application review. Then you write the review and post it. After that you make a post in topic including a link to the application review and wait for a SRR or RR to give you feedback. When you have received the feedback you make another review and so on until you get promoted. Don't post multiple application reviews in one go. Only 1 at a time must be written.

Remember, if you join the Staff Ranks, you gain some pretty nice perks. You get moderation powers in all replay forums, get to see staff forums, and get access to stuff to things you wouldn't normally be able to as a regular member. However, it isn't a free ride on the staff. You are expected to keep up a minimum of 2 reviews per week (the WiC SRRs and Game Admin prefer one review a day ), and voting in necessary polls as needed. We stress, that 2 per week in a the minimum, and take notice of Reviewers who go above that each week. People that don't do this will get demodded. Simple as that. If you do the job, then you get a cool staff spot. Who knows, with time you can even reach higher ranks of staff if you prove yourself worthy.

2. The Review

When typing out the review there are some important parts to keep in mind. First is that you are doing the review for the players and also for others who might read it. The review need to help out and do so in the easiest way possible. So keep to the point and don't type a long story explaining what happened in the game. The players know that and others will find out by watching the rep.

Go strait to what the player could do better and keep in mind that saying that something is good or bad isent helping.The RRs job is to give the players tips and advise on what to think about.

We have a new template that from now on will be used for all reviews. All application reviews need to use this template. Further down this post you can see the actual code for the template, but first we will take a look at how you should use this format.

3. Ratings:

After reviewing the game you need to give it a rating. You give a overall rating on the game based on how good the game was. The higher skill both player had, the higher rating you give. When rating a replay you'll choose a number between 1 and 10 (with 10 being a perfect game, if there is such a thing tongue.gif). This is how you should look at it when rating a player.

1-3: The play here was pretty bad, neither player was sure what to do and a lot of mistakes were made. Generally you recommend a visit to the appropriate strat forums to learn more about their faction.

4-5: This is the average range, the players knew what they were doing, although they still made mistakes (sometimes some big ones that cost them the game).

6: This is mainly what we call a pretty good or very good replay in terms of entertainment value. Most times a 6 is equal to replay of the week contender.

7: The play was pretty good with only a few mistakes and no major ones that gave away the game. Both players knew what they were doing and understood how to use their respective factions well. A 7 doesn't need to be an entertainment replay to gain the silver status. 7 is mostly based on skill rather than on entertainment.

8-9: Play here was really good with almost no mistakes. Both players were operating at a very high level and used their factions to the best of their ability. Very few replays would get this rating as the play was extremely good with almost no flaws. Very skillful replay.

10: The perfect game, you should never be using this rating as there's probably no one out there who can achieve it.

The rating is based on the skill off the game, but you can also promote a replay to Replay off the week. If the game is very entertaining and you think its fun enough to be up for RoTW, you add "RoTW Contender" after the overall rating. Remember that a RoTW contender don't need to show very high skill. It can have mistakes and bad strats etc, as long as its a very entertaining game to watch. Overall rating is based on skill, so keep them apart.

4. Template:

[b]Review by: [/b]

[b]Starting positions:[/b]
[b]Team1/Clan1[/b] - Nato/USA
[b]Team2/Clan2[/b] - USSR

[b]Map:[/b] MapName(Gamemode)

[b]Game highlights:[/b]

<Something like the Overview, but instead of very GENERAL comments we now focus on reporting about the game highlights, and turning points. 8-10 lines.>

[b]Strategy overview:[/b]

< -Overview about the Strat: -Double Armor/Double Air/etc.-
Part, where we talk about the team's strategies, how they dealt with their faction's initial situation(did they have an advantage/disavantage due to starting positions?), and what was the key to success/failure)>

[I]Tips for improvement[/I]

[I]Tips for improvement[/I]

[b]Overall Rating:[/b] [size=3][b]X[/b][/size]

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