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Great game - Im in !

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# 1GeneralGonzales Apr 29 2009, 07:50 AM
Hey folks,

just got the game via digital download and Im very impressed by it. Played Warcraft 3 a long time ago and also the mod "DOTA". I like the many facettes and possibilities the game offers and hope they will add more stuff like heroes, items and maps. As I remember, DOTA had about 30 heroes when I ended playing it.

Gamereplays is a great plattform. I belong to it quite a long time now, was replay reviewer in the "Act of War" section when the game was at its peak (great RTS btw). Played RA3 alot lately and will now convert to demigod.

Hope to see many of you guys online then biggrin.gif

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# 2LordGloom Apr 29 2009, 13:31 PM
Hey! Great to see another DotA fan making the switch!

Ya when I stopped playing it was 3 days before Demigod's release... 92 heros haha!

And yes they are growing the hero base slowly, i think they posted they will be adding in occulus sometime in the future, and probably another hero!

Good to have ya on board!

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# 3Gnats3 Apr 29 2009, 20:59 PM
Welcome biggrin.gif

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