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Tips for using TA Funds wisely

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# 1Zocom7 Aug 20 2015, 19:19 PM
I guess I am going to start opening this tip thread since no one mentioned anything about the wise usage of TA Funds. Besides paying $50 USD for 50,000 TA Funds plus some bonuses and extra TA Funds on limited promotional days may accomplish one server world in less than half a year. However, you can't just roam and use up TA Funds for whatsoever your wish. If you want to make them count and save some, here are some tips to use up TA Funds wisely.

1) Never use TA Funds in the early game for gaining resources except near the end game. The usage of resources per supply gets more worth it as you level up your rank and score and it's far better collecting a random resource supply for free from a destroyed Forgotten camp or outpost. You can get random resource supplies for probably at least 4-6 of them a day, if you are logged on your chosen world server once every 6-8 hours.

2) If you are playing this browser game twice a day, all you need is a 6-hour offense repair time (349), 50 command points (699) and 1 supply package (599) for 30 days. (total TA Funds = 1647 per month)

3) If you are playing this browser game once a day, all you need is a two 6-hour offense repair time (698), two 50 command points (1398) and 2 supply packages (1198) for 30 days. (total TA Funds = 3294 per month)

4) If you are playing this browser game once every other day, all you need is a 18-hour offense repair time (999), 200 command points (2099) and 4 supply packages (1699) for 30 days. (total TA Funds = 4797 per month) I wouldn't recommend buying the high-end ones just to get a tactical advantage in one day because they're expensive to buy (even when you buy the Big Capacity Bundle for 11,499 TA Funds), but great in the long term.

5) Buying a resource supply package combo (even when it's on sale) is highly not recommended even in the early and middle game. It's not worth it unless the combo deal is over 25% off.

6) You cannot use TA Funds to buy offense repair time supplies, unless you accomplished something that earns a reward involving offense repair time.

I may add more to this if someone comes up with a newer, better tip involving this.

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# 2DGA_Sauron Aug 25 2015, 09:25 AM
Nice list and for players on a budget its a good way to keep playing without spending too much money on the game.

I have another tip 7) Play only 1 server at the time! When you play only on 1 server you can focus there and spend more time attacking and using up your rt/cp on an efficient way. Playing on more server gives you less time making it more attractive to increase your rt/cp caps on those servers, resulting in more cash being spend....

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# 3methuselah Sep 10 2015, 20:56 PM
Good stuff both of you thank you. All that I would add is that for the people that do spend everyone's circumstances are different. Zocom's guide is pretty good for a player that can log in pretty consistently throughout the day. Some days that is me.

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