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Cant run the game OR GenPatcher

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# 1Dyroxx May 26 2021, 19:39 PM
Hi guys,

I'm trying to run the game on windows 10 without success also tried to run the GenPatcher and got an error.

When trying to run the game got an error:
Technical difficulties.

On the patch got an error:
Not all fixes have been applied

- Origin registry fix

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# 2Leikeze May 26 2021, 21:34 PM
Have you tried reinstalling from Origin and then starting the GenPatcher &/or following the Error message's suggestion about switching off Windows Defender Realtime Protection?

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# 3Dyroxx May 27 2021, 17:15 PM
Yes, tried both

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# 4Dyroxx May 27 2021, 18:35 PM
there is an improvement, after updating windows I'm able to install the patch but still the same error with the game...

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# 5BodyLanguage May 29 2021, 10:51 AM
Itís actually most likely the documents folder > generals > options.

Set your resolution to whatever your computer is. That is one way to fix that. I have another solution if that doesnít work

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# 6FiRe^ArM May 30 2021, 19:42 PM
Check with Legionnaire. He'll help you out
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