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Coh 1 Training Mode?

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# 1milhouse762 Nov 20 2018, 14:48 PM
I'm really new in this game. I hope you expert guys help me

Is it possible to create a room with no bots, or bots that dont move? I want to know the game functions with no stress, just for fun. I have great dificult to play rts games, but i love it. I have dificult to play against bots in normal mode lul, i think i get anxious easily.

In "Call to Arms" is possible to create a room with no bots, just me, myself and i. Is it possible to do it in COH 1?


Rollan Carvalho

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# 2djw2104 Nov 20 2018, 18:36 PM
Hello milhouse762 and welcome to GameReplays. I hope that you enjoy your time visiting here.

I haven't played COH for quite a while but for practice I hope that you have gone through the tutorials as these do teach the minimum of basics.

I am not sure in skirmish mode if you can just leave a vacant spot. I don't think so but I would recommend the easy AI as a starter. Unfortunately I don't think that there is any alternative should you want to learn the mechanics of the game without any form of opponent, AI or human..

The US army is the best one to master first and I would also recommend that you visit and download Company of Heroes Replays so that you see how others play. The best learning tool in my opinion.

There is the COH Strategy Forums where you can find further information to help you improve.

Good luck.

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