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World in Conflict

Urban Warfare

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# 1xFactor Oct 23 2007, 04:35 AM
Urban Warfare

The Calvary of World in Conflict, tanks are numbed in their Urban doing. Normally the first ones to jump in battle, these guys can take alot & also give alot. Combining a fair amount of speed, firepower, and, especially for the heavier tanks, a good deal of armor, the armor role is ideally suited to capture command points and clear out enemy units. But this changes in Urban Warfare.

The main weakness of armor units is that heavy helicopters & AT Infantry in buildings eat them for dinner. The light, medium, and heavy tanks have no ability whatsoever to fight back against enemy air units and the ability of the other armor units to do so is severely limited. When these guys are in maps like these, with buildings surrounding them & artillery fire, it can be very deadly. When you are attacked, the Smoke Screen special ability gives you a little more time for anti-air to arrive or for you to call in an Air-to-Air Strike Tactical Aid. Always, always keep Heavy AA by your side, or expect the worst.

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Unless you are holding a command point in Assault or Tug of War mode, do not stay in a single place for more than 5-8 seconds unless it's of dire needs or expect a full scale Tactical Aid call on your position. Stay still for much longer and you’ll most likely find your units destroyed or badly damaged as you’re an easy & tasty target for enemy artillery and tactical aid strikes. Always, keep heavy AA near your side, Artillery are obsolete. Plus, the only way to get rid of garrisoned units in buildings, because tanks don't do that much against structures, is to use the laser guided bombs or a precision bombing.

Have fun today guys!

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# 2Sh4rp Oct 24 2007, 13:40 PM
thanks for the tip very useful

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