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Whats your strat and opening against British on wrecked Train

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# 1regnar1194 Feb 28 2015, 21:56 PM
Have a particularly tough time on this map against a British opponent. The abundance of green cover doesn't go well with a heavy vehicle start early and un upgraded PG's to begin with against Brit infantry precludes gaining any kind of early advantage. Also the frequent use of Bren carrier on this map presents early problems. Would like some help and tips.

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# 2c0mpl3x1ty Mar 9 2015, 17:04 PM
3 SC works really well. You should try to do vehicle pushing to get them out of green cover. Basically, order directional moves wherever you want infantry out of, and it'll push them out of cover.

As for the bren carrier, if you attack it with 3 Scout cars, make sure to surround it.

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# 3DKBAX Aug 21 2017, 16:00 PM
How about vs. USA? Wrecked train seems like quite a gimmicky map and I tend to do well vs. Brits but can't figure out a strat v USA

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