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Heroes of Newerth

Pharaoh Guide

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# 1Croutonman Sep 4 2010, 18:30 PM
Hereos of Newerth Pharaoh Guide

Discuss our Pharaoh Guide here!

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# 2LukDeRiff Sep 8 2010, 17:16 PM
QUOTE(njt7 @ Sep 8 2010, 15:02 PM) *

"Wall of Mummies is taken to annoy you opponents and help you get out of dangerous situations"
Your statement is true but I would say the best way to use it would be to trap people inside with you because its so damn easy to do in hon.

Also I dont agree with either skillbuilds. 1/1/1 is "optimal" for most situations from level 1 to 3, and max your tormented first because of cd reduction and major awesomeness.

You got me on the Wall of Mummies wink.gif. Guess it is so obvious that I forgot to mention it but you are of course right. One or the uses of an early level in Wall of Mummies is to trap your opponents.

About your skill builds: Not taking Tormented Soul at level 2 (or even 1) is plainly said ignorant. It is one of the most versatile skills in the early game and it offers you so much early on that no taking it at least at level 2 is far away from optimum.
Same basically for Wall of Mummies. Too many situations where you could use it to miss out.

Hellfire is not a must because its uses are limited. When you have troubles getting close it is basically useless early on. Especially in solo lanes where you will have no one to set you up. Nobody is going to let you walk right onto them and pop Hellfire.

Thanks for the Feedback to all smile.gif

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