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Achilles Heel Thread

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# 1Complimentary Medicine Aug 18 2012, 23:44 PM
Pretty straight forward. What's the top 1/2 flaws in your overall strategy?

Hopefully we'll be able to get a pretty good cross section of what problems are common and Who knows, it could come back to bite some people in the ass if I ever come up against you and I know your flaw! haha.

I'm up first so I'll go with:

1.Not being able to predict likely counters to my army and then 'armadillo-ing' into just building the same unit and treading water when I'm being chased off the field.
2. always forgetting to strategically place mines in important places.

Anyone else got a definite prominent flaw in their play?

I'm interested to see..

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# 2Jeep. Aug 19 2012, 17:01 PM
1. I only play to make Hans angry.
2. I don't play enough.
3. My play is very hour-dependent. E.g. one day I might be good at this game. The other day I might be somewhat decent at this game. The next day I'm like a heroin-addict who hasn't had his fix for 1 year but is still heavily addicted and wanted the fix for this year and then finally gets his fix and he just fucks everything up by taking a heavy dose in pure joy.
4. I'm not good with KTs on Wolfheze.

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# 3HelpingHans Aug 24 2012, 13:06 PM
Jeep -.- ...

1. Live and die by the ac. If I lose it early game I am kinda screwed.
2. Not having enough at to deal with multiple m8s, t17s or m10s which have over-repairs.

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# 4rollems Aug 24 2012, 17:27 PM
Best is
Broadcast the game , tell ur opponent that u maphacking , enjoy the rage , watch him type more than play , click ok on the victory screen.

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# 5Tonloc Sep 26 2012, 19:23 PM
Faction specific:

- I tend to get stuck in MP draining battles rather than just retreat and reload
- I often end up sending my stuarts out unprotected and lose them needlessly
- I sometimes am too slow to pick up on the opponent's strategy until too late

- I take too many rifleman casualties early game, bad MP drain
- VS PE I tend to get pushed around early game and lose my cutoffs

- I'm too slow microing my MGs
- I get lost in the tech tree from time to time and either forget to tech or tech needlessly

- I just don't play this faction very often so my "achilles heel" is that I do not know the strats well enough beyond "get ACs out fast"

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# 6JIntegrity Dec 30 2012, 04:31 AM
1) I play too defensive. I rewatched one of my games and my opponent had only 2-3 unit squads (1 PyroEngi, 1-2 AT Gun(s), 6 spammed MGbunkers). I had 3 tanks, 2 AC, 6-7 PG. While I wasn't aware of how little he had, I did know I was killing every unit I came across (they didn't retreat), and that he was playing USimCity (didn't work out very well for him). However, rather than killing him outright, I simply turtled and won. A win is a win, I guess, but I could have wiped him off the map and saved 10-minutes of our lives.

2) I leave units idle too long. I simply don't switch from one unit to the next quickly/frequently enough, and end up losing territory or having to retreat in instances I could have easily won.

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# 7TheDopple Mar 29 2013, 20:28 PM
-I always overestimate the penetration and general usefullness of American tanks vs Wehrmacht armour.
-When I am going heavy infantry, I forget to micro anti-tank guns properly. Those things are such a pain in the ass to move around.

-I always seem to overestimate the usefullness of American tanks. M18s and M10s especially, they just seem to be useless in anything but hordes against any Wehr armour.
-Manoeuvring anti-tank guns. They're just so slow to move around the field, and when I do get them setup, a sniper or any form of automatic-rifle fire will take it out near instantly if it's not protected. These thing are really only useful in defence.
-When i'm against a PE player or just using the WSC in general, I never employ Mortars because i've simply got no idea how to use them. Wasted unit in all honesty.

-Find myself blobbing all the time. I honestly can't figure out any other Brit strategy. Any artillery whatsoever will completely destroy my blobs.
-While microing across the map, opponent notices i'm fighting on two flanks and pushes on one flank to grab my attention. It's a pain in the ass when I check the other flank to find he's also rushed with automatic fire and killed my lieutenant.
-Never really using captains. They just sit next to my command headquaters doing nothing. Might send it to cap occasionally or stick it onto a blob, but in all honesty, the only reason I ever build this unit is to get to cromwells.

-T3. Never used this tech-grade as the wehr. I either skip it in favour of Obers and Panthers or I just cement myself in T2. Occasionally tech-up to get Geschutzwagens if I need something more mobile than the PAC, but otherwise it's just a useless tech tier. Might backtech occasionally for Nebels though. Esspecially against brits.
-Microing snipers.
-Using Schwims/Motorcycles effectively.
-Using mines effectively
-Conserving Fuel(Getting Vet 1 for every unit so that pioneers don't need 30 munitions to heal)

-Hate playing as the PE. Their effectiveness is situational.
-Almost all their units are underpowered and the PE are next to useless early, mid and late game.
-Hate having to use ACs and PGs. Going into combat with these units is so micro-heavy it's not even funny anymore.
-Marders are horrible against everything. They're just a glorified PAC.

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# 8blahblahblah3000 Apr 2 2013, 09:57 AM
I don't really have set strategies, I prefer to react based upon what my opponent does. However, there are still flaws in my games:
For all factions, I tend to be hesitant to attack, and allow my opponent to make a move. When I do, I blob heaps, take heaps of casualties, retreat and reload, then run in again.
I also have a tendency to make defensive lines (Lots of MG Nests/Bunkers) and Not push further, and always have a fall back point. I also, for some reason float a lot. I could tech a long time before I usually do, and put myself at a disadvantage.

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