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Elite Hunting Roster

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# 1Buff^ Aug 14 2008, 23:02 PM
Elite Hunting
Heart Breakers and Life Takers

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Real Name - Steven Dalrymple
Age - 26
Ingame Name/s - NevetsBeThyName, ScreamCryBegDie, Rancid_Feces

LordNevets is the boss of this great clan. He is a very high skilled player who originally created BBQ| which, once dead, became Elite Hunting. Steve is a very good friend to everyone in the clan, and we look up to him as a good player who always has time for his friends.

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Real Name - Oliver Armstrong
Age - 16
Ingame Name/s - [GR]Buff^, BBQ|ChiCkeN'LeG
Buff^ was one of the original BBQ| members from once the clan began but left to join FLMG| once it died. However, he came back to help re-create this great clan with LordNevets and with the help of Th3^Game`, Elite Hunting was born. Buff^ is always up for a game with Elite Hunting members but has to get carried by Nevets a lot.

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Real Name - Paul ..........
Age - 16
Ingame Name/s - SaVe^TiBeT^
Paul was recruited to the clan by LordNevets and helped bring the clan to life. Paul has a very good sense of humour and is very active in the forums, and is known for always getting Dwarves in a 2v2. Is also a very good player and, like everyone in the clan, always has time for friends.

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Real Name - Billy 'Beefcake' ..........
Age - 20
Ingame Name/s - FirewalkerXT, BloodyAftrbirth
I don't really know where to start with this handsome lad. Billy joined Elite Hunting shortly after it came to life, after being invited by Buff^ and LordNevets. Since that moment, none of us regret him joining. He is always full of life and makes everybody in the forums laugh. Awesome guy.

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Real Name - Allyson Hughes
Age - 41
Ingame Name/s - GirlWonder
Her ingame name says it all. She really is a wonderful person. Allyson was one of the BBQ| originals who has only recently joined Elite Hunting, after constant nagging for her to rejoin from the other original members. Whenever Allyson posts in the forum, she has most members in stitches and is always kind to members and treat them well. Although she may not think so herself, she is a very good player.

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Real Name - Unknown
Age - 18
Ingame Name/s - CJMAN
CJMAN was another original member who has recently rejoined the clan. This former Replay Reviewer is a very good friend of Allyson, and is also good friends with the rest of the clan. CJ is currently trying to get back into playing the game more often, and getting his back.

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Real Name - Unknown
Age - 18 (I think)
Ingame Name/s - ^^LightGiver^^
Yet another original BBQ| member, LightGiver is pretty silent in the forums but is a pwnage machine ingame. Another former Replay Reviewer, LightGiver is always up for a game online and is a good friend to us all.

Sorry to Ch4vioN^, thegobking, Cube^RiDer` and Scotland4euro08, but I do not know you well enough happy.gif.

Let me know if I have made any mistakes and I will correct them wink.gif.

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