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The way to go.

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# 1Down_Satan Aug 31 2015, 00:03 AM
This is the way it should be so every world will have better active players,Digger"s & make more money for TA.

1.Start with 200 cp ,Not 100 cp
2.Start with 1day Repair Time ,Not 12hrs
3.Give more RP or sell it in TA Funds.
4.Lower Base moveing time & Relocate time.
5.Killed base make it 12hr to attack not 24 hrs.
This will make the game more interesting to every one,And will get more player"s to help there alliance dig to the center faster also make them farmers help dig aswell,This will keep players active and more digger"s to help there alliance"s.

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# 2methuselah Sep 10 2015, 20:52 PM
Good suggestions you are thinking. A couple of my own thoughts
  1. This is a tough one. I personally think the CP is enough as it is currently constructed. If you play twice a day you are okay, if you have schedule issues like I do you can buy and accumulate if you want.
  2. Repair time has been an issue for me for a long time but I think your solution is too direct. Early on, the RT is more than enough. As you progress though it becomes a joke. As your armies get near the top of the progression if you are involved in a total wipe out and you don't pay then you sit there for a couple of days and watch the grass grow. That seems wrong to me, you want to encourage player retention not discourage it.
  3. RP I'm okay with not selling it but it comes too slowly. There has to be limiters on progression that are not saleable otherwise the pay to win really spins out of control. This is one of them.
  4. 100% with you. I have a level 60 base in a server and it would take me 2 years to cross the server. 2 years! So when your bases get big enough they basically can't move because the recovery time is so long. That is wrong on so many levels.
  5. Agreed again. PvP is fun, encourage it don't discourage it.
Good stuff anyone else?

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