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# 1Lynx AH-7 Oct 11 2007, 23:00 PM
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Hi and welcome to my World in Conflict Armour guide. I hope you will find it useful whether you are just starting out or are already accustomed to the game and are looking for some tips to improve happy.gif Iíve been working on and off on this guide for a long time now and decided I might as well post it now or I never will! I will be looking to add to this guide if I have the time to do so, so if you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to get in touch or add them here!

I'm also looking for good screenshots to go with this guide, so if you have any good screenies that go well with parts of this guide, please do send them my way! wub.gif

For the purposes of this guide, I will mainly be referring to US Army units battling against the Communist dogs! The USSR and NATO counterparts are more or less equivalent and only slightly different in name and design. However, there are some subtle differences between them, which I will try to go into a little detail later.

Your Role as an Armour Player

Your role as an Armour player is to provide a formidable ground force that will primarily assault, capture and help to fortify points. This does not necessarily mean defending command points with your main force, this role is better suited to the Infantry role, which can use the surrounding terrain to better use to defend a point and set up ambushes along points of attack. Along the way you should be looking to establish dominance on the ground by doing the following to help your team achieve total victory -

1. Eliminating enemy Anti-Air, Repair and Artillery capabilities - This will help you no end as will give the Air players on your team free reign to unleash hell on the rest of the Soviet units on the ground and for them to assist you in case you get into some kind of trouble. Enemy Armour players will no longer have any Repair support available so you may be ideally taking on already damaged tanks! And if itís possible for you to take out enemy artillery support, all of your ground forces can move without constant bombardment.

2. Engaging and taking out THIER Armour - This is sort of the opposite of the above, if you are able to engage and take out their armour, you will give a little bit of breathing space to your teams Anti-Air, Repair and probably also your friendly artillery units.

Therefore theyíll ALL be able to assist you more in any way possible. They can provide you with a defence from your biggest enemy; provide artillery fire to soften up a target and smoke to cover an advance but most importantly field repairs. They are absolutely vital if you want a tank to reach higher ranks to become a devastating force on the field.

By at least distracting and taking out the enemies armour, you also take out their best way to capture points, which means youíre already on your way to victory!

3. Transporting and helping your fellow Infantry players - Although not a lot of people will do this on a public server but if you and a friend or a clan can team up where you provide some Armoured Transports for your Infantry player, you can produce an unstoppable force that can quickly overrun a command point and then be hard to dislodge from it.

The endless number of possible teamplay tactics in World in Conflict is one of things that make it so interesting and fun to play!

But what do I have at my disposal to do this you say? Well you have 5 units to choose from in the battle!

The Armour Role and its Units

Heavy Tank - M1A1 Abrams (USA); T-80U (USSR); Leopard 2A4 (NATO)

IPB Image
Reinforcement Cost - 1200
Hitpoints - 1837
Armour - 100 (out of a possible 100)
Speed - 30
Firepower - Very High
Line of Sight (LoS) - Low
Weapon Range - Very High
Reload Time - 5 seconds

The Heavy tank is your main battle tank and the primary unit of choice for your ground force. The best armoured unit in the game this baby can destroy any other ground unit other than itself in a few shots; however this comes at a cost! The Heavy tank is relatively slow and is a big juicy target for enemy Heavy Attack Helicopters.

Offensive Capability - HEAT Round (All Factions)

IPB Image

Reload time - 30 secs; 26 (Level 1 Veterancy); 21 (Level 2 Vet); 17 (Level 3 Vet) 14 (Level 4 Vet)

The HEAT round of the Heavy tank is devastating against lightly armoured units such as Troop Transports and even Anti-Air units but is more or less useless against heavily armoured tanks.

Tip - How to Effectively Use This Neat Ability

The HEAT round is one of the best abilities available to you if you know how to use it correctly. It can one shot slightly damaged troop transports/trucks, however, it is also very useful against a lot of units on the ground, which can help tip the odds of a battle in your favour, as sometimes the round is fired separately from the main gun, meaning you can quickly get an extra shot in before a unit gets away.

Using the HEAT round on enemy support units (all AA and Repair tanks) does some significant damage to the unit, especially if you are able to get a rear shot. The HEAT round is also useful against Armoured & Amphibious tank transports and Light Tanks.

However, NEVER waste a HEAT round on Medium or Heavy tanks; however, there is one exception - IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU ARE FACING THE REAR ARMOUR! HEAT rounds actually do quite a bit of damage to Medium and less so to Heavy tanks IF you can hit at least their side or ideally the rear, this can help give you an edge in a tank on tank battle. The same applies to other ground units; if possible always aim for the back!

HEAT rounds are somewhat if unintentionally effective against exposed infantry in the field and sometimes do up to 50% damage to the squad if itís a good hit, however it is best not to waste the ability on infantry and keep it for armoured units unless it is a last desperate measure!

Medium Tank - M60A3 Patton (USA); T-62 (USSR); Chieftain Mk.5 (NATO)

IPB Image
Reinforcement Cost - 800
Hitpoints - 1592
Armour - 85
Speed - 40
Firepower - High
LoS - Low
Weapon Range - High
Reload Time - 5 secs

The Medium Tank is an all round fighting machine which can hold its own against most units it comes up against, combining decent speed, range and armour to good effect. However, it cannot perform against its bigger brother and 1 heavy tank can take out a small squadron of Medium tanks without breaking sweat. Its special ability is especially deadly against infantry but throwing rocks would just be as effective as using this ability on tanks would be! Medium Tanks are the Jack of All Trades but also the Master of Nothing; their versatility is also their downfall.

Offensive Capability - White Phosphorus Shell (USA and NATO); Frag-HE Shell (USSR)

IPB Image IPB Image

Reload times - 40 secs (34, 28, 22, 18)

The White Phosphorus shell is a weapon to be feared by exposed infantry, causing painful chemical burns to the victim until it has burned itself up or oxygen is removed. WP dust can also be deadly if inhaled in very small doses (sorry thatís the chemist in me coming out tongue.gif ).

The WP round has a small lasting area of effect (AoE) after it has been launched at its target after initially exploding and causing damage, so if the infantry player is not paying attention and the unit is not moving, it can deal serious damage to the unit. Also because it has a small AoE, multiple targets can be aimed at and take damage from the shell.

Meanwhile the USSR Frag-HE Shell delivers a single shot of devastating high explosive fragmenting shrapnel intended to maim and kill the targeted squad in a very messy way. The advantage the Russian ability has over the American and European counterpart is that can effectively one shot an Infantry squad caught in its deadly blast radius, doing a more efficient job than the WP shell does initially. However it has no lasting effect meaning if youíre slightly off target, the Infantry squad will take no more damage!

Tip - Range and AoE of Abilities

Each tank can has a maximum range which differs according to the unit. Heavy tanks have a very long range while other tanks less so. The same applies to special abilities too, they have an effective range which is conveniently shown when you are about to use it.

When you select for example the WP shell ability for the Medium tank, a small crosshair will appear (also a circle will appear showing the weapons area of effect for certain abilities too) which has a number next to it, ranging from 10-100.

This is the % chance the unit has of achieving an accurate and critical hit on the target. If a number does not show then the tank does not have line of sight to the target or it is out of range and will approach the target to fire.

IPB Image

This tank is at its maximum range and has only a 10% chance of causing a critical hit

IPB Image

This tank is at very close range to its target and has a 90% chance of causing a critical hit

Veterancy on tanks has a significant impact on the range and accuracy of its weapons and will help you effectively take out targets before they can even see you, providing you have the LoS! Also note how veterancy affects the cooldown of special abilities, another reason why keeping units alive in the long run benefits your force.

The WP shell has the added bonus of having a lingering AoE after its initial impact on the target, meaning you can do high damage to units that are static. I tested this and even a heavy tank took next to no damage on its initial impact but due to the lingering effect, ended up with 400 less hitpoints, still I DO NOT recommend wasting this ability on any kind of unit thatís not infantry.

IPB Image

This infantry squad was able to sprint out after impact and is able to get out of the WP cloud quickly to reduce damage taken

IPB Image

This infantry squad is not so lucky and stays in the AoE of the WP shell and gets what it deserves, a painful death!

IPB Image

Multiple squads can be targeted due to the WP/Frag-HE shells AoE on impact, always prioritise groups of infantry to maximum casualties!

Light Tank Ė M551 Sheridan (USA); PT-76 (USSR); FV101 Scorpion (NATO)

IPB Image
Reinforcement Cost - 600
Hitpoints - 1408
Armour - 50
Speed - 50
Firepower - Medium
LoS - Low
Weapon Range - Medium
Reload Time - 5 secs

The Light Tank sacrifices armour and firepower for one thing, speed, speed and more speed. This unit is great for quickly capturing and fortifying command points at the start of a game and for quick raids behind Ivanís lines to take out AA and artillery.

However, it will struggle to have a significant impact on the field without serious support from heavier units due to its poor armament and doesn't really have the staying power due to its low armour. However its special ability gives it a fighting chance if it is able to flank around units and shoot them up the rear

Offensive Capability - MGM-51 Shillelagh Missile (USA); AT-4 Spigot Anti-Tank Missile (USSR); HESH Round [High Explosive Squash Head] (NATO)

IPB Image IPB Image

Reload Time - 30 secs (26, 21,17, 14)

The Shillelagh missile can pack a punch if the speed of the Light tank it utilised to get a shot on the side or rear of an enemy unit. Having a small number of these available to you can quickly dispatch of wandering enemy AA and other transport units. It can also deal decent damage to tanks and help tip the balance of a tank to tank matchup in your favour.

The USSR and NATO counterpart although different in design, still do the same amount of damage to the intended target.

Tip - The Light Tank TA Ability and How it Can Help You and Your Team

IPB Image

As you may or may not be aware, certain TA abilities available to you are cheaper in certain roles. One of these abilities, which are cheaper for the armour player, is the Airdropped Light Tank ability.

For only 8 TA you can drop in a single Sheridan tank anywhere on the field in 35 seconds or even 2 or 3 at the same time for the same cost per unit (16 and 24 respectively), which can be very useful if used correctly. There are a number of ways you can use this to help not only yourself but your team -

1. Drop in a tank or two on already fortified or enemy command points - Dropping in a Light tank on an already captured command point will enable you to fortify the point against small raiding units such as an enemyís airdropped troops or tank. Not only this will help your team keep the point you will be generating more TA yourself, meaning if you fortify enough points with the tank, you are effectively getting it for free and actually helping your cause, you never know when those extra TA points will come in handy for an Airstrike. If you combine this with an Airstrike on an enemy command point or just drop one in on an unfortified one, you can take the command point from right under the Commies noses!

IPB Image

This Sheridan is fortifying the Gas station, giving you extra TA and giving the point a small defence against lone raiding units

IPB Image

Used in combination with an Airstrike to eliminate enemy defences...

IPB Image

...Light tank drops can quickly take command points from the enemy!

2. Adding a few tanks to bolster your attack force - Sometimes itís a good idea to drop in a Light tank or two to help increase your overall firepower on the ground. If matched up with an equal number of Russian tanks, but you happened to drop in 2 more Light tanks to add to your force then the odds are greatly in your favour if you can maximise the Light tanks effectiveness with the Shillelagh missile. Even better if your able to come out on top in the firefight and keep them alive, they're there for you to attack and fortify another command point, making them worth their weight in gold!

3. Daring raids behind enemy lines - Disrupt the Commie bastards from the inside! Drop in 2 or 3 Light tanks behind enemy lines into their spawn to raid and pillage their Artillery and Anti-air capabilities! Although you will eventually lose the tanks in this heroic action due to spawning Heavy tanks or Choppers, if you are able to silence the skies from arty fire for just a few minutes, it will give friendly troops a big help. The amount of TA you also get from destroying arty is absolutely huge and the reinforcement cost to the Support player will be devastating and take a while to recover from!

IPB Image

Just what this 2S7 Pion wasn't expecting!

Armoured Transport - M2A2 Bradley (USA); BMP-2 (USSR); FV510 Warrior (NATO)

IPB Image
Reinforcement Cost - 750
Hitpoints - 1225
Armour - 50
Speed - 50
Firepower - Low
LoS - Low
Weapon Range - Low
Reload Time - 5 secs

The Armoured Transport is vital for transporting (duh!) friendly infantry to the frontlines. Exposed and slow moving infantry may as well be dead infantry, so with one of these you can help your Infantry ally to lay down the hurt on Soviet defences! Relatively quick and lightly armoured, the armoured transports main gun can dish out reasonable damage to enemy infantry and lightly armoured transports and even be a nuisance to enemy helicopters in the sky.

Its special ability can help it take out more heavily armoured targets, making it the best choice out of all transport options on the ground. Outside of the infantry support role, it will see little use for in an all out Armour loadout.

Offensive Capability Ė BGM-71 TOW Anti-tank Missile (USA); AT-5 Missile (USSR); Sabot Ammunition (NATO)

IPB Image IPB Image
BGM-71 & AT-5 Reload Time - 45 secs (38, 32, 25, 20)
Sabot Ammunition Duration Ė 10 secs

The TOW missile is not a weapon to mess with; it deals a substantial amount of damage to almost every kind of enemy armour, more so than the Shillelagh missile found on the Sheridan. Best used against tanks, the TOW missile can also be used to finish off other badly damaged units quickly.

The USSR AT-5 Missile is equivalent to the USAís TOW Missile however, NATOís Sabot ammunition increases its main guns damage per second against a target (instead of doing X amount of damage to a target in one hit), especially against lightly armoured units and can do about a ľ damage to Heavy tanks which otherwise would not take much damage if any at all. The NATO weapon has a disadvantage in that if the armoured transport loses it target, the duration of the ability may have run out by the time you reacquire a lock on it so you do less damage than using the missile would!

Amphibious Transport - AAVP-7A1 (USA); BTR-80 (USSR); Spšhpanzer Luchs (NATO)

IPB Image
Reinforcement Cost - 650
Hitpoints - 1102
Armour - 40
Speed - 50
Firepower - Low
LoS - Low
Weapon Range - Low
Reload Time - 5 secs

The crocodile of the armies! The Amphibious Transport is vital for ferrying troops across stretches of water such as island hopping or crossing rivers where alternative routes are unavailable such as bridges or Black Hawk transports. Poorly armoured and lacking any kind of firepower other than against infantry and troop transports, the amphibious transport is a rare sight on the battlefield unless it is a requirement to get troops on/off an island or to capture an isolated command point.

Offensive Capability - Mk.19 Grenade Launcher (USA); Incendiary Ammunition (USSR and NATO)

IPB Image IPB Image

Reload Time - 25 secs (21, 18, 14, 11)
Incendiary Ammunition Duration Ė 12 secs

A barrage of 5 grenades from an Mk.19 Grenade Launcher is fired in quick succession at the specified target. The range of the weapon is very poor and the damage output will struggle to kill even one squad of infantry, however, it does have quite a large spread and splash damage so groups of infantry will take decent damage and be finished off by its main guns. Incendiary ammunition for USSR and NATO like the Sabot ammunition greatly increases its damage per second against infantry, allowing it to take out a squad within seconds. Both abilities are useless against any kind of armour!

Tip - Smoke and Why Itís Important!

Defensive Capability - Smoke Screen (All Armoured units and Factions)

IPB Image IPB Image

Reload Time - 45 secs (38, 32, 25, 20)

Every unit available in the Armour role has the ability to deploy smoke as a shield to their units from any kind of attack from the air or ground and to help conceal them in a retreat. As an Armour player you will need to master this ability to have any chance of staying on the battlefield for a long time or you will end up as a burning metal shell! Smoke will primarily used to cover your units up from a sudden attack from the Air, giving you time to either -

1. Stay put and call in a Air-to-Air strike and hope the choppers wait in your trap. However, this leaves you at prey from force fire from the Air player (which a good one will do) or a nice TA strike on your units

2. Stay put and call for help from a Support player providing AA (you should be near them anyway!) or someone with Medium Attack Helicopters

3. Try and retreat near a friendly command point or AA and hope the helicopters don't chase you down (highly unlikely) and hope for the best

Smoke is deployed in a large radius so it is possible to cover up multiple units at once! For maximum effectiveness launch smoke on one of your tanks only and move them all inside the cloud, once it clears use the ability on another tank and voila, youíre still concealed! Just make sure you don't hang around in the same spot or itís more than a nasty headache from a cluster bomb Airstrike!
You can also use this to your advantage, if a player is sitting on a contested command point and pops smoke, generally youíd expect them to sit tight and use the smoke as cover while they clear out the remaining surrounding forces. Use this to your advantage and drop a Tank Buster on them, theyíll soon be sorry!

IPB Image

Donít get caught out sitting on a command point under smoke for too long or this might happen!

Smoke is also very useful as an aid to your attacks. If you have another unit providing LoS to an enemy unit such as a tank, you can pop smoke on your armoured column to hide them while you can still fire back at them, whilst they can't!

This is very useful, especially if you are already at a disadvantage numbers wise. However, if the enemy tank commander player is smart, they will close down your units and enter the smoke they are in, so they are revealed and can fire again. Use this to your advantage and swarm around this unit, it will soon be dispatched.

If the enemy does this to you, you can either close them down yourself or call in a Scout chopper to use its IR scan ability (very useful even if it does have a poor range) or for 6 TA points, you can call in an Aerial Recon which for 15 seconds can reveal any unit within its target area, even if it is concealed by smoke or hiding in a forest. This is a very useful but rarely used ability but it does have some use in scanning the enemy spawn for artillery and to see what units are incoming.

Smoke is vital in getting your last remaining units out of a tight situation, pop smoke and retreating will give you a few seconds to get away before the enemy realises where you have gone and possibly take away their lock on your units so you- stop taking damage and are able to retreat to get repairs and fight another day. Use this in conjunction with reverse move to get away with taking much more damage.

Wow, all those units are cool and they look effective to use but which should I use? Well there a number of combinations you can start off with and I'll go through which ones are most commonly used.

Standard Armour Starts -

The Light Tank Zerg Rush -

Units - 6 Light Tanks
Reinforcement Points spare - 400

With this start you can start off with a whopping 6 Light tanks, 7 if you wait just a little longer for those 200 reinforcement points!

Pros - Having this many units on the field so early will help you quickly establish ground control and help you take points before the enemy can get there, meaning the rest of your team can concentrate on building up a defence or advancing further while you either quickly fortify the points or flank around the enemy and raid deep inside their territory. It also has the added bonus of quickly getting you TA if you are able to secure and fortify positions. This is the quickest way you can take the first few points on an Assault map, meaning if you pulled off a perfect defence, you can win the game instantly if youíre quick enough!

Cons - The large number of units you have on the field requires a great deal of micro and babysitting to make sure they are utilised to their maximum. The unitís poor armour means that they cannot take on any Heavy tanks assaulting your lines and even Medium helicopters will take out your rampaging army with relative ease.

Medium Tank Attack Force -

Units - 5 Medium Tanks
Reinforcement Points spare - 0

Similar to the Light Tank Zerg, but instead you go all out Medium tanks which gives you much more firepower and range and infantry units can start saying their prayers now! Reinforcement points are also completely used up to the maximum at the start of a game.

Pros - Almost identical to the above strat, you have a large number of units on the field quickly and can attack multiple points straight away, while having a bit more firepower and armour to use with. This is especially useful on an Assault map, more so than using Light Tanks where you may have attack 3 points at once and need a fast unit to take the points quickly at the start while not sacrificing too much Armour.

Cons - Same as the above strat, taking on 3 Heavy tanks will be a pain unless you can get a few rear shots or get support from other players. You will still be troubled by Medium air but they will take a lot longer to take out the tank.

A Rounded Attack Force -

Units - 2 Heavy Tanks, 2 Medium Tanks
Reinforcement Points spare - 0

This gives you the optimum number of reinforcement points spent right off the bat if you want to get a good mix of units to the front quickly.

Pros - You have enough firepower to take out most units you will come across on the ground and you have a decent deterrent to Infantry units. You also have a decent number of units on the field to capture and fortify one or two positions while you wait for more command points to drop in. You can use the Medium Tanks extra speed to close in on retreating units while the Heavies sit back and fire from afar and you have a very large Infantry deterrent.

Cons Ė Again, any enemy player who has gone with a 3+ Heavy tank start will be able to take you out unless you can flank their units efficiently or get support from other units such as Heavy Air. Normally having more than 1 Medium Tank is a hindrance as it lacks the firepower of an extra Heavy Tank. One Medium Tank by itself can help you deal with and take out most infantry with a little more ease and you can always run the Infantry over instead with a Heavy Tank to finish them off. The Medium Tanks lack of armour doesnít make it ideal to run them over normally, so engage them as far away as you can.

Heavy Attack Force -

Units - 3 Heavy Tanks
Reinforcement Points spare - 400

This loadout is by far the most common you will see, giving you the maximum amount of firepower available to you early on while leaving you ample points to spare if your patient enough to wait for an extra Light tank or Medium tank for improved anti-infantry and anti-tank capabilities.

Pros - By far has the most firepower available, only a player doing the equivalent start on the opposing team may be able to stop you on the ground, with the exception of an Anti-tank infantry ambush and enemy Heavy Helicopters. Command points will be hard to dislodge from you if you decide you fortify and defend one and you have the best force to assault an enemy one with from long range.

Cons - This loadout is also the least mobile if you do not add any faster moving tanks to your arsenal, making you are more at prey from anti-tank infantry and enemy Helicopters. Also you are a bigger target for enemy TA strikes too due to the high cost of the unit and the firepower it possesses; losing 1 tank will severely hurt your total damage output.

Personally, I recommend going all out Heavy tanks 90% of the time because as the Armour player you should be providing the maximum amount of available firepower on the ground at all times, however there will be some exceptions on certain maps where you may need to secure many points at once which are far away or you know you really need to have a anti-infantry presence in your tank unit. You get a total of 6000 reinforcement points and if you can keep your tanks alive long enough; you can have a big force on the field, for example 5 Heavy tanks!

It is also worth experimenting with different loadouts to see if you can come up with your own successful combinations, it may not hurt to have a Armoured Transport thrown in at one point or another, of even start off with 5 of them if you feel like doing something different and transporting and assisting an Infantry player! As with most games ADAPT to your situation, if youíre facing a lot of infantry get a Medium Tank or two, if thereís a lot of Helicopters about, can I afford to change role and go Medium Air or am I the only Armour guy playing?

You can also experiment with mixing units from other roles to aid you, however it is generally not recommended if you can get another player in that role to do it for you. For example I see a few Armour players splashing out on 1000 points for a Medium AA gun. The only thing that itís going to help you defend against is a lone Infantry squad or Scout Helicopter, even 1 Heavy Helicopter will take it out and start taking out the rest of your tanks.

The only unit I would recommend experimenting with is the Scout Helicopter (costs 900 for an Armour player), as it will drastically increase your LoS and therefore enable your tanks to have a first strike ability from long range, giving you a huge edge in a battle, even letting you take out a unit before they even realise where you are!

Armour - An Infantry Playerís Best Friend?

Tactics and teamwork are what World in Conflict is all about and so working together with your team to pull off bold manoeuvres and strategies is the way to overcome the Communist advance and push the dogs back!

Combining heavy mobile Armour and overwhelming numbers of infantry can prove to be devastating. You can start off with 2 Heavy tanks and 2 Armoured transports with 100 reinforcement points to spare at the start of a game. If you can ferry back and forth infantry to, for example, the Town Square in do_seaside, they you can combine an unstoppable force which will prove to be hard to dislodge.

Your heavy tanks will provide the mobile firepower to repel other tracked units while the infantry can dig in inside buildings and help cover the points while you fortify them. Anti-tank infantry can be a huge force multiplier against tanks, standard infantry can give a small defence against lone choppers and snipers will make sure your own tanks are safe from a RPG-7 ambush!

This kind of teamwork, especially in few player mode is absolutely vital and a hell of a lot better than going into battle alone!

Differences Between the USA, NATO and USSR Armies Tanks Ė

A post by Vitsenby in this thread here Ė
http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index...howtopic=290804 shows some differences between units in the game.

I donít know the actual in game statistics of the units and it may turn out that everything is exactly the same but hereís what I think personally is different between the different factions -

In game the Soviet T-80U Heavy tank is slightly more powerful than the M1A1 Abrams and will win in head to head engagements when only considering shots to the front armour and no hits from the side/rear or other outside interference.

However, this is balanced out by making the M60A3 Patton Medium tank better than the T-62. NATO units seem to fit in somewhere in between in my personal experience, the Chieftain tank seems superior to both the American and Russian counterpart when I have used it but the Scorpion Light tank seems to be inferior in both firepower and armour to the USA and USSR Light Tanks as it does not seem to last as long on the field although its offensive capability still does the same amount of damage to units.

The Leopard 2 Heavy tank seems to last the longest of all the tanks but its main gun seems a little weaker, so itís somewhere in between the USA and USSR counterparts. It may just be coincidence or Iím being paranoid in a game where I think this or that unit is doing a better/worse job that its enemy counter-part but Iím certain thereís more than just the artillery that is different in the game smile.gif

General Tank Tips and Advice!

As I've previously mentioned, you are the main provider of a ground assault to an enemyís fortified position and this is the role you should be looking to at least be able to do at a minimum. Firstly the number one asset your tanks have is range. Heavy tanks especially have a huge range, more so than any other ground unit, however to compensate for this they have a very poor LoS and cannot detect units from afar. They also have the most powerful weapons and armour available on the ground; donít be afraid to use them and attack, attack, attack!

High ground such as sitting on top of small hills or even high above on cliff tops will give you a clear unhindered LoS to your target. The surrounding terrain can either help or hinder you, sometimes the small hills and craters in the ground will mean your tank will lose its lock on a target or if it does attempt to fire it just hits the ground. Youíll have to zoom very close to the ground to make sure you have a clear line to the enemy but it may get you an extra clear shot and save your units and kill theirs!

Buildings and forests act exactly the same as the ground does, they can be used to conceal your units so you can flank around or provide you with cover, just make sure you donít end up levelling the building in your way instead of an enemy ground unit or end up running into that Anti-tank infantry ambush laid for you!

If you able to have a spotter in the air or on the ground from yourself or one of your teammates, you can easily take out a fortified position from afar taking little damage and then roll in unopposed. When you are engaging other mobile units on the ground it is a good idea to close them down a little bit as to not engage them at maximum range. This will make your shots more accurate as you are closer to the target and you will be still able to fire on them if they try to run away.

Reconnaissance in the game is absolutely vital in war and the same applies in this game, if you can find out what the enemy is doing while concealing what you are doing, you can plan ahead and always be one step ahead.

You donít want to be running into an ambush, enemy Heavy Attack helicopters or hidden infantry, so you can either get your friendly Air player to scout around with a Scout chopper or get the Infantry player to drop Airborne Infantry deep into enemy lines.

Infantry units especially Airborne have quite long vision so it might be worth dropping in a squad of your own for 8 TA (same as a Light Tank or 5 for the Inf player) hidden in a forest to do some recon. The best method other than having a Scout Helicopter available to gather some Intel is always the Aerial Recon TA (costs 6 TA). You can always get the Air player to do it; it only costs 5 TA for them.

If enemy units deploy smoke to cover themselves you can use some of the above methods to reveal them but you can always get up close and personal with your units in the smoke. Don't forget to use your special abilities whenever possible, they will give you an edge in most battles and remember to prioritise the best targets to use them on!

Always concentrate your fire onto one target so you can take out a target quicker before they can get away, such as a Heavy AA unit. If you are able to take out one tank quickly, they are at a disadvantage already, fighting two full health Heavy tanks is better than 3 slightly damaged ones. Youíll always want to take out the unit that has the most firepower first, prioritise the biggest target to eliminate the biggest threat first!

I always see tank players who always stay on the move whenever possible to avoid any kind of TA strike; however, this can have a totally negative effect on your tanks accuracy unless they are vetted! The quickest TA ability that can severely damage your tanks is a Precision Artillery strike, which comes in at 10 seconds, followed by a Tank buster at 12 seconds.

Count in your head to 7-8 and then move your tanks forwards or back to avoid a potentially lethal attack, while maintaining increased accuracy on your enemy by keeping still.

Direct Artillery strikes from Airborne infantry do come in at 7 seconds and can do severe damage, however you should only take extra care when near places where they might be concealed such as in a forest, just be extra vigilant near these places!

There is sometimes a time to keep your units moving and charge in for one reason and that is to FLANK a unit, a skill which is a necessity in winning tank on tank battles. The only other time you should be going at full tilt is to chase down a retreating unit.

ALWAYS and I mean always keep the front of your tank facing the enemy whenever possible, this is where its strongest armour is! WiC has a very good system of directional armour and at no point do you want your tanks rear facing the enemy, otherwise its gonna get owned in seconds really, the difference in damage a unit takes is huge when it is hit from different directions! Use Reverse Move religiously to do this in case a tank comes from the side or your need to get away, the difference in the amount of damage a shot to the side or rear does is huge.

When you issue a move order, if you hold down the button while you do this, you can tell the tank which direction it should face when it reaches its destination. This is useful for getting the front of the tank and hence its strongest armour pointing towards where the enemy is most likely going to attack from.

IPB Image

Issue an order for this Medium Tank to face back down towards the hill...

IPB Image

...And now itís ready with its thickest armour facing the most likely point of attack for the upcoming onslaught!

When you are fortifying points NEVER have more than one unit on the same point, this is an absolute waste and you are just asking for an Airstrike on your head, donít say I didnít warn you when youíre crying after your 4 Heavy Tanks got smashed to pieces for being greedy and trying to get more fortifying score!

If are fortifying the same point, have one unit one each command point so they are all fortified at the same time and rate, so at least they are not instantly decapped because you decided to only fortify one and leave the others free to capture.

Use common sense, does this command point need to be fortified or not? Should I go assault another point instead? Remember the best unit available to you to fortify points is the Light Tank whether called in by TA or reinforcements; they are cheap, expendable and can be used elsewhere after a point has been fortified.

A little known command which is assigned to the ALT key which is not listed in the controls is the ability to show all friendly and enemy healthbars on top of units when held down. This also has the added bonus of quickly identifying enemy units that are far away before you would normally recognise them without moving the camera. This gives you a few seconds to plan your next move accordingly! Just be careful you donít press the Windows key like I do sometimes which minimises the game, very annoying!

Pressing this key also has a second function when you only have one unit selected; it shows you its overall LoS. This can help you give an idea of far a unit can see and if anything is obstructing its vision.

IPB Image

The ALT key showing all healthbars and the circled tanks field of vision. Note how buildings, craters and the hills obstruct its view.

If itís possible remap the keys you use on the keyboard to something that you will be more comfortable using. As I use the arrow keys in conjunction with my mouse to move around the map a lot, I have a lot of keys I use mapped to the numpad keys and keys above, as to quickly use certain abilities. This can be the difference between winning and losing a battle in higher levels of play!

Some of the above things may seem like common sense and pointless to ramble on about but a lot of people forget or donít know how to do these things in the heat of battle and its best to drill it into you so this is second nature to you when youíre playing!

Flanking The Enemy

Flanking has been part of wars for a long time and is a vital part of out manoeuvring your opponent and taking them out with minimal losses. As your tanks have directional armour, it is vital that you avoid been on the receiving end of a flank. You should also use the tanks directional armour as an advantage to yourself. If you come across enemy armour, look to see what they are doing, where are they coming from? Which tank are they concentrating fire on?

If you can see an enemy tank column from far off you have time to split your forces and move one of them away to the side. Let one of your tank forces engage their main force while you manoeuvre the other one to swing around and approach them from the side or even better from right behind them! It will take a lot of patience, practice and a little luck to do this but once you get good at it, tank on tank battles will become a hell of a lot easier and you will take minimal losses

IPB Image

As you can see in the above example (not the best one), the enemy has closed his combat force to finish off the damaged tanks. However, the reinforcement group was moved up from the side rather than directly to reinforce the tanks and now can approach and flank from around the buildings and kill the enemy from behind!

IPB Image

Now weíve got them on the run! Notice also why itís important to move youíre tanks periodically, the enemy Tank Buster strike was avoided!

When you see which one of your tanks is being fired on you can move your other units to the side and close in while the other tank takes the damage, meaning you can close down on enemy tanks without the units moving taking damage (hopefully), but then you are able to get some shots to their side or rear armour if they didnít move their own tanks. You can pop smoke on the tank taking fire as to conceal it during the move so it possibly stops taking damage while you have at least 1 or 2 tanks firing at the enemyís weak spots!

Flanking will also enable you to use the HEAT ability on their tanks to do additional damage, which otherwise wouldn't be possible on their front armour. You donít just have to try and flank Heavy Tanks to do this, if you see a few Heavy AA units and can flank them; they can be taken out a lot quicker saving you precious time.

You can draw the enemy in by using one unit at long range, use reverse move to draw them in closer to your other tanks into a nasty trap or while you are doing this have your main force run around and approach them from the side. Normally I keep tanks in groups of two so one unit poses enough of a threat to the enemy while they are both far enough apart not to be considered the same one.

If the enemy spots one of these groups and starts engaging them, you can freely move the other one around and close in from a different direction and give them a nasty surprise! Use the terrain to your advantage, tanks cannot see through the trees or if hills and buildings are in the way, you can use this to move a tank down a parallel street undetected and appear at the other end, ambushing tanks from behind!

Be careful though, you may come under fire yourself from an infantry ambush and anti-tank infantry in forests and buildings can really ruin your day.

If you able to flank the enemyís tanks then you are on your way of securing victory on the ground my friend, remember it is also useful to flank other ground units as they can be taken out a lot quicker then!

Dealing with your Biggest Enemies

Helicopters -

In short, you can't! The Air-to-Air strike costs 15 TA points which is the most expensive out of the 4 roles and you cannot rely on this all the time. To be a successful as an Armour player you really do need a helping hand and that comes from the Support role.

A friendly support player who can provide heavy AA for your tanks and provide repairs is an absolute necessity in World in Conflict and 99% of the time you will need one. You cannot handle any kind of threat from the air, Medium AA costs too much for the armour player and is useless anyway and the armoured transport doesn't have enough damage per second to get rid of them.

If you come under attack from a helicopter, pop smoke ASAP on one of your tanks and move all of them within the smoke area (see above for more general smoke tips). Even better if you can get an artillery unit to launch smoke at your position!

If you are able to call in a Air-to-Air strike as a last resort and are clever (or the air player is dumb enough) to place it where you think they will go then great, not only have you saved yourself but you've helped your team, they can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they won't be pounded into the ground from the sky for a while.

Repairs are vital for your tanks to survive in the long run, if your Support friend is able to provide repairs, then your tanks will able to fight new incoming armour on the same terms again and be able to become veteran, further increasing their effectiveness!

You can also call in a Troop Transport for 10 TA for repairs, however, I don't recommend this as the Troop Transport is poorly armoured and will be taken out quickly, so needs to stay at the back out the way of the conflict and the TA could have been better spent on an Airstrike.

Infantry -

You can either deal with infantry or you can't and there is only one situation you will be able to deal with them effectively and that is if they are out in the open undefended! The reason is that you can take them out from range using the Medium Tanks special ability (if you have one) or be able to run them over. Use Force Move on infantry to run in and squish 'em! Just make sure itís not a mass of anti-tank infantry, or they will take out the tank before it even gets close especially if itís damaged. Remember the HEAT round does a little significant damage to Infantry too!

Only try to crush infantry if you know you can take them out without sustaining losses. If infantry are in buildings and you have LoS, you can try and take out the building from far way, HEAT rounds do roughly a little more damage to buildings than the standard round; however 99% of the time you will only force the infantry into another building, so itís a waste of time normally.

If they are in a forest, get the hell out of there ASAP, they will quickly take you out before you can do anything, for example infantry surrounding the Saw Mill forests in do_hometown will quickly dispatch of your units.

Again, you need a Support player using artillery this time to help you out, request artillery on their positions in forests and buildings to quickly eliminate them. You also have the Laser Guided bomb available at 10 TA (8 for the Support player) to dislodge infantry from buildings.

The best way to take out multiple Infantry in a forest or buildings is a Chemical strike (costs 12 TA), which can quickly take out an unsuspecting infantry player who can't get out in time or one that is already weakened. A Napalm strike (costs 6 TA) normally takes too long at 20 seconds to take out most infantry if they keep moving around, although it can take out troops in smaller wooded areas and destroying a lot of their cover also, which may help in the long run.

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Using TA Strikes To Help You

Above I mentioned how the Light tank TA ability and a few others that can help you in a battle; I'll go through some of the ones which I think helps the Armour player the most -

Tank Buster

IPB Image
Cost - 6/12/18
Deployment Time - 12 secs
Recharge Time - 90 secs

The Tank Buster will help you take out multiple targets within a small straight line. This will be one of the TA abilities you will need to learn to dodge and make good use of, as if you are outnumbered, you will need to take out enemy tanks in other ways and this is the best way to do it. Watch the enemyís movement closely; do they move back or forwards periodically? Are they in a straight line?

Being able to predict where they will be in 12 seconds time can be very difficult and often down to luck, however, if you are able to pull off using this TA, it can save your tanks a lot of damage and time, meaning they can close in on that command point now. Remember to keep your tanks moving in intervals (7-8 seconds) so they fire accurately when stationary but avoid this devastating attack.

IPB Image

If you see armoured columns approaching from a main point of attack (here itís the road towards the Marina), plan ahead and place the Tank Buster ahead of them...

IPB Image

And hopefully they get caught right in the middle of it!


IPB Image
Cost - 10/18/26
Deployment Time - 20 secs
Recharge Time - 30 secs

The Airstrike, if used correctly, can be one of the most devastating TA strikes in the game relative to its cost. Its relatively large spread and high amount of damage makes its one of the best TA abilities an Armour player can use. Why? Well it has the ability to take out at least 2 if not all 3 fortification buildings on a command point, meaning you can rush in with your tanks and make the point go neutral or even take it off enemy hands quickly after using it.

Command points are also a main focal point for retreating forces and units fortifying a position, sometimes you can find a tank or two getting repaired in a spot. Thereís nothing better than seeing an Airstrike smash the living daylights out of two heavy tanks getting repaired under AA support! Personally I find myself using this TA ability the most when I am playing as Armour, in addition to the Airdropped Light tank.

Chemical Strike

IPB Image
Cost - 12/22/32
Deployment Time - 15 secs
Recharge Time - 30 secs

The Chemical strike is necessary from dislodging enemy infantry that maybe dug in defending a point. I find it better than using a Laser guided bomb to take out an infantry unit in a building as this way you are hurting and possibly taking out multiple squads rather than guaranteeing killing 1. It will force the infantry player to move away from the area momentarily (unless they are stupid and want to die) meaning you can advance on a point without taking anti-tank fire from the infantry. This also can possibly bring infantry out into the open where they are more vulnerable to fire, especially from artillery.

Preparing for that Final Assault

Youíre on the field; you've just eliminated hostile AA units and a lone tank. You see the Commies defensive position in sight and you think you're ready to go in but are you? A number of things should be taken into consideration before you go for it -

1. Do I have enough TA currently to help my task? - An Airstrike or artillery barrage may soften the enemies grip on a position and help you immensely

2. Are my tanks at full health and can take more punishment? - A half health tank is not as much use as a fully repaired one, if thereís friendly repair tanks nearby go and get some quick repairs before assaulting a position

3. Are enemy Helicopters nearby? - Itís no good if you charge in without AA support otherwise, your tanks will be FUBARed then. If you know the skies are safe (or just like to charge in anyway, I sometimes do!) then go for it!

4. Can I get any other kind of support? Ė The more support you get the better, is there an infantry player that can help you secure and defend against a counter-attack? Can a Support player lay down some artillery fire to weaken the position and then some smoke to cover the advance? Or is there even another fellow Armour player able to lend some assistance and provide some more tanks to aid the attack?

I hope I've covered most aspects of the Armour role and I hope you enjoyed this guide. Remember keep attacking, put pressure on the enemyís positions and units all the time and never stop until you've achieve total domination and liberate our lands from the damn Communist bastards! Feel free to leave any comments and tips/recommendations of your own! happy.gif

Other Stuff

Q. So how long have you been playing World in Conflict?
A. Iíve played World in Conflict religiously since the Closed Beta all those months ago (thanks gr.org for the key!) and never looked back. Iíve wasted many summer hours playing the game, shame Iím back at Uni which is getting in the way sad.gif

Q. Why have you written this guide?
A. Well I think the Armour role is one of the most important if the least glamorous role in World in Conflict and the hardest to use. Most people like to use Air because itís ďcoolĒ (I know I do!) or want an easy game using the Supportís role artillery units. I thought Iíd give Armour a little love and provide some tips on using them!

Q. So what makes you think your some kind of Armour role guru then?
A. Well I managed to rank at least in the top 300 players during the Closed Beta to Demo period by primarily using the Armour role (my favourite other than Medium Air) although to be honest you need to be able to command all roles to be a top player! smile.gif

A. Where I come from, we use proper Queenís English and not the stupid imitation of it and itís correctly spelt Armour and not Armor. Another one that really gets on my nerves is Aluminum instead of Aluminium!

Finally Iíd like to thank copious amounts of Caffeine for keeping me going while writing this guide, WiCHQ for providing the stats on units, GameReplays.org, for providing such an awesome website but most of all you for actually bothering to read this far and hopefully the rest of the guide too! tongue.gif

By Lynx AH-7 (aka Lynx)

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Excellent guide Lynx! thumb.gif

This should be a mandatory read for any new armor players, or even experienced ones.

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Great guide m8 maybe we just found ourselves a new armor SM? biggrin.gif

I'll admit I am thinking about it but lately I haven't really got that much spare time to dedicate to this, Uni work this year has been horrendous I've had to spend a lot more time on it (I do want a good job and career you know tongue.gif ) and my part time job kills the little time I have left. I've got lots of things to do atm maybe I'll be able to sort something out soon!

Oh and thanks for all your comments so far, appreciate them! biggrin.gif

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Thank you, this is a very nice guide. I will try Armour instead Infantry or Support.

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Fantastic work! thum.gif thumb.gif

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Awesome guide. I learned so much about the armor role. I tried some of these strategies and they improved my game so much! Thanks!

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Thanks so much! w00t.gif w00t.gif

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Pro guide!

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