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Big maps and Wehr

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# 1Filtiarn Jan 13 2017, 00:07 AM
I am new to multiplayer playing Wehr exclusively and I am steamrolled by armor no matter why my team does. We can hold about 40% of the map with little chance to expand. I thought Wehr has the advantage late game but against the numbers sent against us quality doesn't matters. Is the game balanced on big maps?

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# 2djw2104 Jan 13 2017, 15:36 PM
Hi and welcome to GameReplays.

May I suggest that you have a look at some of the guides that posted in the Stragey Forums. They are a bit dated, but they will be of invaluable help.

May I suggest that you post your games in the Replay forum asking for help and advice to help you improve and counter the strategies that are used against you.

Most of all have fun and good luck. thumb.gif

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