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GameReplays' Exclusive Interview with Gnug315

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# 21prepare Feb 1 2006, 01:16 AM
Canīt wait to see his Supreme Commander Replays.
I mean he soo cant wait for it.....

hope you all realize how good that game will be....

For all who didnt check for it yet, get all info HERE

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# 22[OoE]MiRaGE Feb 1 2006, 05:35 AM
I enjoyed the interview a lot, he was such a great ccg player during the early days. I'm glad i had the opportunity to play against him, learn't so much.
fantastic rts player!

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# 23Toomanybeers Feb 1 2006, 06:20 AM
great interview!

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# 24Svett Feb 1 2006, 08:49 AM
Wow I really didnt expect to se an interview with a Gnug guy here since I didnt even know that he played CCG.

He was sort of my hero back in the TA days and I still look at his TA demos with great respect as im not even 1% of his skill tongue.gif
He actually seems to have the exact same look on gaming in general as me. Oh and btw, I was also a HLDM hardcore.. although i mosly competed on LANs since i really enjoyed HL on a nice ping. You can actually get into really advanced gameplay after a few hundred hours spent on crossfire smile.gif

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# 25ThOR Feb 1 2006, 08:58 AM
Great to see you people enjoyed it smile.gif

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# 26DMraider Feb 1 2006, 14:36 PM
Yea Great interview! thumb.gif

I agree with most thing u`ve said. Like the thing about the motivation.
In the first few months of most games I`m always motivated. After a few months when the game gets less interesting, and becomes unbalanced u`ll lose the motivation.

I remember we played a few games now and then on Generals. We both won games and I ended your clans win streak, which was like 48 wins in a row Lol!

Even the greatest players can`t have a big lead in skill to the other players. For example an average ZH player now plays better than the best players of ZH 2 years ago. Players learn from eachother and develop new strategies and tactics. smile.gif

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# 27^WiLdCarD^ Feb 1 2006, 15:53 PM
Cool, i love these interviews, please keep them coming.

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# 28LeTigre Feb 1 2006, 18:55 PM
Great interview ThOR, a very interesting read.

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# 29Muhadib Feb 1 2006, 20:36 PM
Great interview @gamereplays.

We want more oldskool...

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# 30Thane Feb 2 2006, 17:00 PM
Great Interview Gnug315 and Thor

I will always stay attracted to the thought of quitting all education and just go all out gaming since that is my true passion, sick as it may be thats what i feel like :/

Kudos to you Gnug315 for making it as a Pro

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# 31_LeViaTHaN_ Feb 3 2006, 12:09 PM
Wish i played generals from the start sad.gif

I was still whoring RA2 then smile.gif

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# 32Sparky Feb 12 2006, 16:01 PM
I vaguely remember gnug, but I really don't know anything about him. Now I know smile.gif Very nice interview though, it's a lot better than all the others. Thanks for posting.

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# 33GirlZ Apr 26 2006, 19:08 PM
No idea who the guy is, or who he was in previous games, but I sure did enjoy the long and detailed interview. smile.gif

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# 34DraGon_TanK` Jul 2 2006, 02:58 AM
great interview wink.gif

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# 35Thygrrr Nov 8 2006, 13:15 PM
I'be bumped into 315 in my TA days, seen him hang around in Empire Earth a few times, and read up on his killer Ork rush challenge in Dawn of War (I quit DoW before I could witness what became of it, but in the onset, it looked good). I admire his analytical approach that really makes a point of prioritizing before acting.

I played him in the SupCom Beta once and I've been an unsportsmanlike compromising butthead for not giving him his rematch yet.

Just didn't get around to it the past two nights, and whenever I was free, 315 was marked as away. Sorry. sad.gif

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