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Relic Revised Code of Conduct

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# 1djw2104 Dec 13 2019, 19:10 PM
The Relic Community Company of Heroes web-site have recently updated their Code Of Conduct which can be found by following this link.

Company of Heroes Revised Community Code of Conduct

Please note this new code of conduct applies across all platforms that have an interaction with the game.

The following extract has been taken from the new guidelines.

Please note that the Code of Conduct applies to anyone that interacts with Company of Heroes content regardless of the platform or channel including but not limited to: in-game, official forums, tournaments run by Relic, community-led tournaments, Steam forums and social media.

Furthermore on the "News" page of the game the following message for those players who ruin the experience for everyone by either maphacking or barcounting will result in a ban from the game.

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Many thanks to dropy for bringing this our attention.

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