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Kamal + Glyph Carver trick

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# 1Defender N8 Jul 18 2010, 01:17 AM
Perhaps this is just me being crazy, but I found this rather fun to do against the AI so no harm in sharing it.

This trick involves using Kamal's Force Wall to protect Turret Glyphs during carving. Basically, if the glyph is started just a few seconds after Force Wall is placed it will complete carving before the force wall collapses with time to spare, giving it a head start in an area where one might have stray projectiles flying about.

To get the timing just about perfect, combine the Glyph Carver with Kamal via placing either in a control group (I'd suggest the Carver), select the other, and hit "Alt + # of control Group", then hit "Ctrl + # of control Group" to save the two together. This will put Kamal's abilities and the construction que together so the two requirment can be placed within seconds of each other.

Have fun!

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