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An idea

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# 1monkeyeater Apr 11 2008, 21:57 PM
I haven't tried this yet (I kinda hate the masari) anyway in a M v N you will get rushed quick! so how about bulding matter engines around your base (not blowing anything up) and have light tech 2 so u can detonate them remotely and kill their rush. So if any 1 has anything to say about it tell me plz.

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# 2vb4 Apr 12 2008, 08:41 AM
That would force you into defensive play.
Instead, you should get as many early units as possible.

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Game: Universe at War

# 3monkeyeater Apr 12 2008, 18:34 PM
yes but you could get defensive blow up the walker then go offensive so ya those 2 ideas together should work

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