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Build request (terran)

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# 1nhi Jan 1 2014, 00:01 AM
Been thinking about this for awhile and wanted to see if any master terran (mech players) could execute this and see if it's "meta breaking" to allow mech to be usable in the competitive scene

The idea behind this is to get double forges really fast, by delaying an orbital command.

(I really want to see a master player try this out - and give me the replay )

Build would go something along the lines of double gas --> banshee --> fast 2nd cc (with no orbital) --> double armory

or just a standard reactor hellion opening --> double armory upgrades for extremely fast 1/1


How long to delay the orbital timing (?)
The idea behind this build, is that you get the fast upgrades, and you hit double orbitals fast(after fe - so it's a command center --> command center --> orbital command orbital command) because mech tends to "float" minerals


Slight advantages I can think of is that you get the armories out for thor (against zerg muta, and +1 is nice for defending even against protoss)
and you won't need a reactor factory, just a simple factory tech lab (could even rush blueflame) and THAN add a later reactor onto a new factory

(or simply use all of your gas and to single file hellion production)

When I say MECH - it's not pure tank, you can try throwing in maruader tank/thor or even mass air (since mech gives nice upgrades, 2 base BC is SICK against zerg)

10 mutas fly into 2 bc production that is already at 2-2 upgrades would be a really fun replay to watch.

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# 2nhi Jan 1 2014, 00:07 AM
Quick summery -

Skip orbital --> more gas
Pull scvs off gas --> fast fe
Double armory

I'd try both ways to get the double orbital / double armory, you could even leave your main as a CC --> PF later on to ignore drop harass (for a bit) since mech has a slow army to react

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