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Posted by: Alloy jelly Dec 11 2013, 00:37 AM

1. Why do you want to join us ?
because i wanna find more players to play. AngelWings and xiazhi said there are lots of good players in H2O and i want to know them.biggrin.gif

2. Do you know any H2O members ?
yes ofc. AngelWings, kai, kiro is familiar with me. and i know jeje in Angel's commentary in chinese forum.

3. Your most account known ?

4. Any past cheat ? If yes, explain.
no. but i sometimes disconnect because my connection has some problem.
5. Rate your skill on a scale of 1 to 10 ?
7-8 i guess.
6. Any history rank ?
top 50 3 months ago. i think i can get at least top 20 without much difficulty now^^
guys, i really want to join this team ^^

Posted by: GT-AngelWings Dec 11 2013, 00:39 AM

LOL we will start a vote here

Posted by: Xiazhi Dec 11 2013, 00:48 AM


Posted by: H2O.JeJe Dec 11 2013, 09:29 AM

hi alloy u know me from angel's commentary in chinese forum?! good luck for apply

Posted by: w3rk Dec 11 2013, 16:05 PM

Hi Alloy smile.gif Ni Hao

Posted by: GTX480 Dec 11 2013, 17:52 PM

do u have some replays from u dude ? smile.gif

Posted by: kiro Dec 11 2013, 20:21 PM

Hello Alloy ^^

Thanks for you interest to join H2O, I've started a poll about your application and you should have a feedback in one week or so.

If you want to share anything else with our members (replays, pictures, sex or what ever) feel free to do it here.

Good Luck to you ; )

Edit: Btw do not take notice at jeje, he's just so happy someone talked about him somewhere on the world so he posted his first message on a forum to let everybody know it tongue.gif

Posted by: Xiazhi Dec 11 2013, 23:10 PM

QUOTE(H2O.JeJe @ Dec 11 2013, 04:29 AM) *

hi alloy u know me from angel's commentary in chinese forum?! good luck for apply

many chinese player know you is ChickenWings video, me too.......

Posted by: kiro Dec 18 2013, 22:28 PM

Hello Alloy jelly,

The poll ended today and unfortunely, even with a hard support from Kai and Angel, you didn't get the yes majority. but you were not far to make it.

The reasons of your failure is on 3 points :

- Members does not know you enough and wont allow unknown poeple joining H2O.

- You're not enough active on gamespy to join H2O.

- You need to improve your english (I know that Angel helped you to make that application).

Once you worked on those all 3 points, feel free to re'apply and we'll remake a poll and possibly could reconsider our final decision ^^

Posted by: AlloyJelly Dec 20 2013, 14:04 PM

Thank you for your advice, I will try my best to do

Posted by: GT-AngelWings Dec 21 2013, 02:20 AM

QUOTE(AlloyJelly @ Dec 20 2013, 22:04 PM) *

Thank you for your advice, I will try my best to do

omfg u said these words by urself? for god sake i didnt help him this time....ohmy.gif

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