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alloy jelly's Apply to join H2O

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# 1Alloy jelly Dec 11 2013, 00:37 AM
1. Why do you want to join us ?
because i wanna find more players to play. AngelWings and xiazhi said there are lots of good players in H2O and i want to know them.biggrin.gif

2. Do you know any H2O members ?
yes ofc. AngelWings, kai, kiro is familiar with me. and i know jeje in Angel's commentary in chinese forum.

3. Your most account known ?

4. Any past cheat ? If yes, explain.
no. but i sometimes disconnect because my connection has some problem.
5. Rate your skill on a scale of 1 to 10 ?
7-8 i guess.
6. Any history rank ?
top 50 3 months ago. i think i can get at least top 20 without much difficulty now^^
guys, i really want to join this team ^^

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