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Following Units

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# 1Yellow2Bellow Dec 4 2007, 20:49 PM
Following Units

Hello everyone & welcome to this weeks tip. With this week I'll show you how to use the follow button & when it's golden opportunity for it to show up in a game can benefit all. Never under-value a suggested key asset from any interface & you'll tend to get more micro out of your buck if you know what your doing.

IPB Image

As you can see here the button is the third one over in the bottom row. This option lets you follow any unit you select which is under your control on that very moment. You can follow only one individual unit when selected but you'll have to do the whole thing over with another unit if you want other units to follow another unit.

Now brining down to the case of micro, say if you have tons of units & coordinations to place for tactical aid throughout different areas & you need to assist a fellow armor with anti-air vehicles. You simply click those AA units of yours & select the armor units you would care to follow & the AA's will automatically follow them. This is good because you can then use your micro skills else well with the enemy send their lack of attention towards an armor they already presume defeated.

IPB Image

With that to help you all, also don't forget to follow up on current clans & tournaments on the portal. We will keep you updated with the latest new & guides. This than concludes this weeks tip of the week & hope you enjoy!


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# 2_FISHY_ Dec 4 2007, 23:21 PM
clicking the command to follow a unit is sometimes risky if that player goes somewhere dangerous. I hardly ever use this becuase i have no use for it instead i color units in the game pink and yellow for the weakest players so i know where to help more, and green and light blue for the stongest ones in the game.

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