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# 21Deadshot7 Feb 16 2016, 18:23 PM
QUOTE(Gage @ Feb 13 2016, 15:37 PM) *

First, I am very glad to hear that she is ok and home right now. I could not imagine the worry and fear as a parent in your shoes man. I am also glad that, while this is no joke of an issue, it is not yet something more serious in terms of threat to life or quality of life. I hope she grows out of it.

Thank you for the update. I saw this a few days ago and was hoping all is well.


Thanks Gage. It is a stressful situation when you spend weeks in the intensive care unit and no one can tell you what is wrong, or they tell you you are free to go home, then 2 days later you are back again. We are happy to be past that.

We appreciate the concern and well wishes!

Thanks Fitton!

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# 22Mad-eye21 Feb 18 2016, 16:53 PM
QUOTE(Deadshot7 @ Feb 12 2016, 18:33 PM) *

Thanks Gage, appreciate it!
They think they have diagnosed her with a rare genetic mutation in her aldosterone levels. They say it is pseudohypoaldosteronism. Basically she has issues with the balancing of sodium and potassium. Her sodium has been low, which has made her drowsy and not putting on weight.

She came home from the hospital early last week and they diagnosed her mid week, so we've been giving her some chemicals in her formula (she is lactose intollerant too) that pulls out some of the potassium, making it saltier. That seems to have done the trick so far, as her sodium levels came in as normal this week and she has been awake and eating like a champ. She put on a full pound in the week that she was home, so hoping all is well. The next step is monitoring her to see which branch of this issue she has, as the treatment time varies. One is something they grow out of in childhood, the other is lifelong potassium/sodium balancing.

I feel her on the lactose intolerance, its a turd but nothing that's too hard to deal with.

Glad she's doing better tho good to hear!

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