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# 1Allmektig!!1 Feb 8 2018, 15:41 PM
we should have made a procedure on communication as squad leader or in squad, so when we play together as a squad, everyone knows what SL and members say.

For example, spotting gets
Contact Front 200m Infantry
Contact 220(Compass) 50m logistics car

And this for only sl
Weapons hold (opposite of weapons hot)
Cease fire (stop current firing)
Shift fire (move to new target in a firefight)
Break contact (stop firing and pull away from the engagement)
Fall back (similar to above, but with more urgency on retreating from the area)
Advance to ...
Hold position
"Contact" is declared at the initial discovery of the enemy. Afterward, they are referred to as a "target".
Hold comms (everyone stop talking)
Suppression fire (firing at the enemy without out intention to hit, but just to keep their heads down so friendlies can advance)
Form up (group together at a closer proximity)

Give more recommendations etc ... and ways to do this ..

This is to be better co-ordinate

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# 2a tasty biscuit Feb 8 2018, 15:55 PM
I like this one and this is one of the things we'll work on the SL training sessions. we're setting up a squad communication guide as we speak. but you're on the right track.

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# 3Jaguar JS Feb 8 2018, 17:21 PM
Yes mate i really like it! Great idea im going to familiarize myself with them and will be nice to use them in practice.
Also on the Comms;
Copy - awaiting response (E.G. Zild on my postion for a rally copy)
Over - Is exit communication ( E.G. roger that over)
There's a few more but i cant remember right now. Are there any for formations?

Good Job!

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# 4Maru Feb 8 2018, 18:17 PM
I like this, if anyone has played with me when I'm SL, I probably use most, if not all, of this already. It would definitely be good if we can centralise where possible the chat and meanings so that everyone understands them and we have a universal language.

RB, you mentioned a communication guide? Mind if I have a look after it's done to make sure it isn't full of American infantry phrases tongue.gif joke, but yeah I'll be using British army terminology. Old habits die heard.

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# 5Zild Feb 12 2018, 10:56 AM
Unless they introduce radio distortion or jamming (both interesting ideas now I think about it!) I don't think we really need to go for the "over" or "out" but other than that I can see this helping. Once people are used to the stock phrases, conveying important information concisely should become second nature.

Formations and standard tactics would be useful too.

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