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3v3 Tournament Sign Up

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# 1Wucked Feb 7 2011, 18:45 PM
GameReplays.org 3v3 Tournament Sign Up:

Hi All, this is the sign up thread for GameReplays 3v3 tournament. If you want to play then please sign up below...

Format: 3v3
Teams: 8
Duration: 2 Days
Date: 19th & 20th February

Entry conditions:

1. Your team needs to have a name and ticker, this will be used to track tournament progression in the brackets...
2. Entrance is 1st come 1st served, register your team now!

Tournament Rules:
  • The game type will be assassination.
  • No units will be banned.
  • No observers are allowed except for official GameReplays.org commentators.
  • The sign-up limit will be 8 teams of 3 players each.
  • Players that sign-up after all the spots have been filled will be put on a waiting list with a chance to play if there is a problem with an existing team.
  • Teams are required to save their replays, these may be used by referees to resolve disputes.
  • In the event of a match dispute both teams must contact one of the participating referees for assistance.
The tournament will be live-streamed, so please make sure you tune into our Live-Sream Channel.


Round 1 (BO1)
Open Palms

Round 2 (BO1)
Van Horne Core

Round 3 (BO3)
Boolon Complex
Boras Naval Test Range

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# 2spuddyt Feb 10 2011, 01:26 AM
Team: A lexicological jargogle
Members: Spuddington, TheSplattedOne and Dr Birk

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# 3_Pulse_ Feb 11 2011, 20:57 PM
Team: M.O.R.E
Members: Pulse, SovietPride and TheWord

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# 4Iron_Commander Feb 11 2011, 21:53 PM
Team: Iron and his best friends (IAHBF's)

Players: Iron_Commander, Easy AI(1), easy AI(2)

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# 5Kryo Feb 12 2011, 14:58 PM
Team: Voices of War (VoW)

Players: techflex, Kryo, Bergi or SGC-Ra or someone else.

EDIT: we cannot guarantee we have time, so this is not our final registration.

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# 6redarrow7216 Feb 15 2011, 21:19 PM
k, I'm retreating the application. someone decided he couldn't join after all.

if anyone is in need for 2 teammates. try and send me a pm smile.gif

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# 7Wucked Feb 18 2011, 18:41 PM
Thank you to those that signed up, but I'm regretfully compelled to cancel this tournament due to lack of interest.

We'll be scheduling more tournaments soon, but probably no more 3v3's.

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