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Is this an okay double-team strategy?

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# 1Le Midge Aug 6 2010, 21:01 PM
I am a console player, I am very nooby. We play 15 minute siege. My favourite faction is Black Hand, and my friend normally uses some sort of GDI. He builds 20 Hammerheads with Missile Launchers inside, and a MARV. Possibly a few Juggernauts. I build 10 to 20 Specters, a Redeemer, 10 black hand flame infantry, and some flame tanks. He attacks their base then he sends in the MARV and Jugs. I send in Black Hand, and the Flame Tanks. Send in the Specters after bombarding the buildings or any big units e.g. MARVs/Redeemers.

We adapt this to other situations.

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# 2ikkuh Aug 7 2010, 05:50 AM
i would suggest watching the replays in the section here because what you guys do sounds awfully wrong

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# 3xxadamxx0001 Aug 14 2010, 03:00 AM
Nice another console player. Ive just started to join the forums but ive been playing cnc 3 and cnc 3 kw on the xbox 360 for quite a while. If i was you I would go with some of those anti air units for the hammer heads like the mantis.

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# 4asdf999 Aug 17 2010, 23:01 PM
I am a console player

QUOTE(ikkuh @ Aug 6 2010, 21:50 PM) *

i would suggest watching the replays


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# 5'MaRTIAN' Aug 18 2010, 05:58 AM
I have yet to see a decent console player post on these forums.

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# 6stoochie Oct 20 2010, 16:20 PM
who the fk even came up with the idea to put rts games on platforms where u use a joystick? seriously...


honestly though, why are game like halo wars released on xbox and not on pc? huh? huh!?!? HUHH!!???!!?


ps. steve jobs is a douche, he just stickytapes 2 devices already in existence and people call him a genius.


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# 7Commander Raze Nov 16 2010, 23:00 PM
I'm a console player, and I very frequently own people on the the Xbox. I know that you may want proof, and I have none, as I do not play ranked online. The only thing I can say is that I can easily dominate any 2 of my friends in a 2 on 1 "balanced" (Crosstown?) map. Whenever I go on unranked online(surprisingly, there are still peple playing online), I usually win 5 out of 6 games.

My playstyle is that of an experienced rusher, I often use bikes and scorps in them(favorite units biggrin.gif)but I can hold my own in mid-late game, mainly using scorps and missles, mixed with some ftanks and bikes, somes times a bit of manspam. It's too bad the purifier sucks so much ass in late-game armor duels.

Anyway, I have been playing on RTSes ever since I got a Xbox 3 years ago, and I am very good at them in general. I have been checking this site out for about a year now, and I absolutely love it. I learn new things for all factions frequently.

Don't know if you guys will flame me or not for being on the console, but hey, not everyone who goes on the console sucks; thats all I'm saying. tongue.gif

Also, I fucking hate the command point limit. mad.gif

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