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Countering those pesky gdi tank/apc/shaterer pushes

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# 1TravelerGuy Sep 19 2011, 19:28 PM
So, when somebody sends an early force of 6 tanks and 6 apcs in my base in mid/early game, what should I do with reaper? Since apcs kill desintergrators, and devs dont stand a chance vs preds, do you have any ideas?

And tell me one more thing, when the gdi guy manages to get shaterers too, is it game over then for me, because shard walkers/seekers/devs get smashed pretty easy... ( if i play with r-17)

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# 2AngryKhali Sep 19 2011, 20:10 PM
Well I'm no reaper player but imo just spam enough shard walkers. They can kill apc 1v1 and with a decent micro predators are struggling to get kills if you reverse move them to heal in your wf. Of course you can always try to kill apcs with shard walkers and then just eat away the predators with disintegrators which should work just as well. It's all about micro smile.gif

Also it's good to keep in mind that predators are slow units and 6 of them will take their time to get build and to move to your base so use that time well making your counter.

Shatterers are good units but they have their weaknesses. Shock troopers are good counter to shatters too since they can teleport away from the sonic wave and shatterers don't have huge armor. Your best chance is to kill shatterers is with storm riders and if he still keeps using those predators and apcs just run over him with your superior tier3 units.

Hopefully this'll help. Stoochie and AirTaxi can now come in and maybe give you a better advice smile.gif

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# 3cnc315d34d Sep 19 2011, 21:32 PM
shardwalkers alone wont last if theres more than a few preds or just a few shatterers in the mix

just spam devourer/walker and remember to kite with charged devourers hardcore

stasis their army if youre having too much trouble, gg

gdi doesnt stand a chance vs midgame scrin spam unless they go camp and tech

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# 4stoochie Sep 20 2011, 05:44 AM
just spam dev tanks, theyre the perfect counter for this. dev tanks have better range, so you just have to micro them and try keep out of the preds range.
you can also circle around your war factory while battling or throw a couple of corrupters into the mix to heal you dev tanks.

the only thing you would really have to worry about with this is if they get orcas, which in that case you can simply drop a few plasma batteries or get some shard walkers.

and if you have the time, remember to charge up your dev tanks.

in a nutshell, dev tanks are you answer, you just need to micro them a bit. if youre still having trouble, post a replay and ill have a look.

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# 5awfuljustic3 Sep 24 2011, 13:45 PM
Photon cannons perhaps? if u are not quite teched to tier 2 (which u shud be)

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# 6stoochie Sep 24 2011, 18:25 PM
photon cannon can be built at t1, you just need a barracks. dev tanks are still better though

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