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Posted by: UNC Man Aug 10 2011, 00:49 AM

So I had this stock photo and I was trying to make a render(soldier from BFBC2). I used the pen tool and had the render/soldier selected but I couldn't remember how to make the background go away or put the selection on another layer. Any help would be very appreciated! smile.gif

Posted by: xmtalley Aug 10 2011, 02:37 AM

Once you have the outline with the pen tool right click>make selection>enter (have feather at 0)

Then you want to go to Select>inverse and hit the delete key to take out the background. You can switch between layers while the selection is active or you can hold down CTRL and click on the thumbnail (little picture) next to the soldier layer to get the selection back no matter what layer you are on.

Posted by: UNC Man Aug 10 2011, 20:49 PM

Thanks a lot! smile.gif

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