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Light Artillery Barrage

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# 1xFactor Oct 11 2007, 03:12 AM
[h1]Light Artillery Barrage[/h1]

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The light artillery barrage is the most inexpensive tactical aid in the game but is one of the most effective killers of light vehicles and infantry. Today I'll be showing you how to use this to its fullest extent.

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To best use the light artillery barrage, find a target of either weak light vehicles, such as AA, or a group of infantry marching along. This barrage is most effective against infantry, however it can take out AA if used in more than once in a spot simultaneously. Be sure to place your artillery barrage a little bit ahead of their movement, if any, to ensure your barrage hits the entire group and doesn't just hit a few units. You want to take out the entire force, not half! With infantry take into the consideration they can sprint, so within the small time frame they can easily get out of your circle. Make sure you watch the infantry a little bit before placing it then once you're ready, unleash your mortars!

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