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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Halftrolls or spiders riders in mirror

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# 21Diamonte Feb 22 2011, 17:47 PM
Im all for the HT approach as well. Being able to counter his slings and kill his trolls easily is much better then trampleing a few measly GW. Besides HT are a overall decent unit imo and beat out a bat of GW's regardless

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth

# 22Turbo` Feb 23 2011, 18:45 PM
Spiderriders are probably the better choice in 2v2, but in 1v1 i always prefer early Hts for creeping and getting the inns.
A timing attack with wildmen summon, a few cts, hts and gws can also win you the game sometimes.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2


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