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AIM, XFIRE, EMAILS... contact list of LAID

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# 1DayGloNinja May 1 2007, 13:33 PM
Alright guys,

here's my info...

Real name: Omar

CoH regular name: TheDGN
CoH LAID name: TheDGNgetsLAID
Other smurfs: DeathPhallusCobra, DeathGripNitrous

AIM: OmarCjr
Xfire: DayGloNinja
Email: omar@spectrumfilms.net

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Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes

# 2Free-Prisoner May 1 2007, 13:35 PM
Real name: Josh

CoH regular name: FreePrisoner
CoH LAID name: CheeseNUTSgetLAID
Other smurfs: WAY too many to name
AIM: IaminfactMexican
Xfire: blazest0rm
Email: berserkshadow@gmail.com

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Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes 2

# 3Sternhelden May 1 2007, 13:38 PM
Alright guys,

here's my info...

Real name: Calvin

CoH regular name: Sternhelden
CoH LAID name: SternGetsLAID
Other smurfs: SternIsBack, StrategyTester

AIM: It's like my life, I have no aim.
Xfire: Sternhelden
Email: calvinhalliwell at yahoo dot com

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Game: Company of Heroes

# 4MrZ May 1 2007, 16:24 PM
Real Name : Zach

CoH regular : LAIDMrZ
CoH Laid name : LAIDMrZ
smurf : lupe

aim : no aim
xfire : mrz11
vent : Zach

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Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes

# 5Dave^ May 1 2007, 16:59 PM
Real Name: Dave...obviously

coh regular name: feind before I got drunk and deleted it
coh LAID name: constantlyLAID
smurf: whatever I think of at the time.

aim: ossoc
xfire: davetizzle
email: ossoc@aol.com
vent dave

omarcjr (12:55:28 PM): So, did you go and post on the clan forum?
OSSOC (12:55:38 PM): no
OSSOC (12:55:40 PM): am i supposed to
OSSOC (12:55:40 PM): ?
omarcjr (12:55:44 PM): yes
omarcjr (12:56:03 PM): ur not getting a sig till you do. smile.gif
OSSOC (12:56:19 PM): wow nice smilies girl
omarcjr (12:56:26 PM): smile.gif
omarcjr (12:56:29 PM): :B
omarcjr (12:56:33 PM): B)
omarcjr (12:56:41 PM): fu

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# 6BroVVn May 1 2007, 20:23 PM
Real name: Jason

CoH regular name: BroVVn

AIM: I have MSN (Same as my email address)
Xfire: brovvnfennecfox
Email: spike_o_jb@hotmail.com

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Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes

# 7Kleatus May 2 2007, 03:49 AM
Real Name: Sean

CoH Regular Name: Kl3atus
CoH LAID Name: KleatusGetsLAID
Other Smurfs: Kleats

Xfire: Kleatus
E-mail: sean.morgan88@gmail.com

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Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes

# 8Gunnerside May 2 2007, 21:11 PM
Realname: Truls (I'll buy you a lapdance if you can pronounce it right wink.gif)
Regularname: Gunnerside
CoH LAID name: LAIDGunnerside
Smurf: Gunnersocks

Mail: Truls_op@hotmail.com (Also my msn)
X-fire: gunnerside

edit: Got X-fire now

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Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes

# 9Status Quo May 3 2007, 06:14 AM
Gunnerside: i'd probably pronounce it right ;-)

Real name: Markus

CoH Axis name: StatusQ
CoH Allies name: StatusQuo
CoH LAID name: getLAIDorDieTrying
CoH Smurfs: no fixed

XFIRE: StatusQuo

Email: Markus21r@hotmail.com

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Game: Company of Heroes

# 10suDDen-deAth May 3 2007, 18:41 PM
Real Name: Chris(toph)

RelicNck: suD7
(actual nick: suDDen-deAth)
LAIDnick: suDDenlyLAID
xfire: sud7atxfire
icq: 56758926
email: sud7@arcor.de

location: axis HQ ^^

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Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes

# 11RoboBobo May 3 2007, 21:17 PM
Real Name: Jeremy

COH name: Robobobothehobo
Laid Nick: LAIDbyaHOBO
x-fire: MrUrkin
e-mail/MSN: Muzy8@hotmail.com
Aim/ICQ: N/A

Posts: 1,677

Clan: LAID

Game: StarCraft

# 121337ff May 6 2007, 00:58 AM
Real name: Nikolai

CoH name: 1337ff
LAID nick: L41Dff

xfire: tugmcgroin
e-mail/msn: gandalf2004@hotmail.com
AIM: sucks tongue.gif

Posts: 727

Game: Company of Heroes

# 13d4m1ty Mar 6 2008, 23:40 PM
Real name: Brandon

CoH names: d4m, d4md, d4m3d
LAID nick : d4mdButImLAID

xfire : 5sfbgir
email : sobxdform at yahoo dot com

Aim/MSN: evil

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Game: Company of Heroes

# 14LAIDFreddy Apr 16 2008, 05:44 AM
Real name: Fredrik

CoH names: Rastacojj, LAIDFreddy
LAID nick: LAIDFreddy

xfire: freddeostlind
email: Fredrik599@hotmail.com

w/o AIM, MSN is the same as email.

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Clan: LAID

# 15AdrianLSA Jul 4 2008, 19:58 PM
Name: Adrian

Ingame: AdrianLSA
Ingame LAID: LAIDrian
e-mail: aweygandt@hotmail.com

Msn is the same

Posts: 142

Clan: LAID

Game: Company of Heroes

# 16Hyggan Jul 14 2008, 15:52 PM
Name: Jacob

Ingame: Hyggan
e-mail: jacob-hellstrom@hotmail.com
xfire: ace929

Msn is the same

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Game: Graphics

# 17ironny Oct 25 2009, 07:34 AM
Hi how do i join an clan? Need a partner for the tournament CoH 7.11.09
Can i get LAID? wink.gif

CoH: ironny

Posts: 2

Game: Company of Heroes


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