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# 1Ferok Dec 29 2010, 15:01 PM
Hey guys, thanks for looking at my thread, here's my situation:

My friends have been playing this game for a little while, but not competitively. They basically just do 2v2's or FFA's and sit back levelling up heroes and amassing big armies until they are ready to move out. I just picked up this game because I remember good things about playing it on xbox when it was released, and I'm looking to beat them.

We will be playing mostly 5 man FFA or 2v2 if someone isn't there, I've played one match against them and from what I've seen they aren't anything special. My RTS experience is that I'm in gold league on Starcraft 2 which isn't great but I can handle both micro and macro fairly well and starcraft seems a lot more demanding that LOTR so I'm hoping I can handle some basic strategies smile.gif

TL,DR; What race and strategy would you recommend a beginner playing in 5 person free for alls or 2v2's against average opponents

Thanks smile.gif

EDIT: We all just play the original game, none of us have the expansion.

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# 2Turbo` Dec 30 2010, 10:38 AM
in FFAs Isen/Mordor are best, because they have by far the best lategame. In 2v2 every faction is good. Pick the one you like most wink.gif

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