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Posted by: 2nd Airborne Ranger Mar 4 2017, 20:47 PM

Hello everyone!

In the midst of the CoH Will Never Die Tournament, I had a series of thoughts about improving the quality of the casts for future tournaments or even shoutcasts in general. While fumbling around with dyxstra's old COHRA (Company of Heroes Replay Analyzer) and looking at CoH2's spectator and replay modes, I was wondering if I can do something similar with CoH1.

I am not thinking about modding the game, but more of parsing replay data from the coh1 .rec files to perhaps a browser or an overlay program that can display information that would enhance the experience for casters and viewers alike. For example: if the American Player selected Infantry Company Doctrine at 5:23 min, the program would show that Infantry Company was selected when the replay reaches 5:23 min. Or at 45:12 min, when a riflemen squad was killed on retreat, the program would should a riflemen squad KIA. Maybe even show what both side's unit composition looks like or show player commands used.

However, I do not know the details of how the replay data is structured (such as how exactly does CoH time stamps actions in the replay). Is there anyone I can get in touch with who may be able to help me out?

Thank you in advance,


Posted by: Doomdark Mar 7 2017, 10:01 AM

It's been a while so I may be mis-remembering but my understanding is that CoH replays do not store events as such but instead store the "user inputs" and the game engine just plays the game again each time, with exactly the same parameters and actions, so it always turns out the same way. At x time user/comp fired arty at Y co-ord and Z parameters (criticals etc) were applied.

The system doesn't need to store the fact/event that a unit was killed because that outcome will always/automatically occur when the replay is run. The death of the unit will trigger a score/xp/stat update but again that is an automatic outcome from running the relay. The system doesn't need to specifically note/store the actual death event.

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